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Appreciating Values  
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About Us:

Pearlman CTA managed futures is a 100% discretionary commodity trading advisor (CTA). We provided unique managed future programs to clients. If and when sufficient demand we plan to reinstate NFA membership. Then we can resume programs appropriate for various client objectives and risk tolerance levels. To position each account, and evaluate possible adjustments, on an ongoing basis, in an attempt to maximize long term growth.

Markets Considered:

Interest Rate with Treasury futures, Grains, Metals, Energy, Food, Fiber and Equity.

Based in California available for clients across the nation and globe.

Roger M. Pearlman CTA.

Since 1986 CFTC registered commodity trading advisor (CTA).

Business graduate with high honors Northeastern U. 1980.

Experienced in commodity and financial futures, economics, logic and evaluating investment approaches.

Long reputable history as investor and advisor in the markets traded.

Good nose for value.

Adept at potential risk and return assessment across asset classes.

Hands on asset management since 1980.

Proprietary, non discretionary, hedge, cash, and or physical investment management has been continuous.


Author of "The Recent Complex Creation". An attempt to shed light on which widely accepted views have value and which are vacuous. Appreciating the value of a good investment can lead to physical gains. Appreciating the value of life and good values will lead to lasting gains. The writer demonstrates a clear ability to take a position contrary to the crowd. This attribute may be essential to attain extraordinary results.


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If and when sufficient demand we plan to reinstate NFA membership before program resumption.

Futures investment entails the risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone.

Past performance may not be indicative of future results.