Comments on Birchat Hachama by Roger M. Pearlman CTA author of 'The Recent Complex Creation'.

28 yr cycle based on conception, Nissan, yr. of Tohu as year 0 so we complete cycle 206 and enter
cycle 207 the day before Passover in Nissan year 5769. (5769 based on formation of Adam as year one
instead of zero.) 207 =( Aleph = 1, + Vav =6, + Reish=200) = Ohr (light).
Interesting while our two big luminaries the sun and moon appear close in size relative to distance
from earth (think of total lunar and solar eclipse), the large one (sun) is 400 (rounded) times the small
one (moon) based on radius of 1,392,000 and 3,476 respectively. 400 = to Tav = 4 x10 x 10. 4, 40 and
400 our common themes in Torah related to life. See word play section The Recent Complex Creation.
Length of day, set day one, conceived months before, 'set' not 'fixed' as length of day can vary based on
orbital motion, shape earth, rotation speed, ..
Mabul catastrophic events may have impacted shape/rotation of earth, earth may have formed round
not current elliptical shape.
Assuming the length of year is the same, if days shorter more days fit in year and if days longer then
fewer days fit in a year.
If length of year not fixed should be for factors other then length of day.
When defining solar year we need to know if based on earth's position to the sun or to the stars.
Careful, to those who want to say years much longer pre Mabul, then to be consistent forced to say
Adam lived longer then 930 current years, or no above ground vegetation outside Gan Eden for more
then 3 days. Also may conflict with more exact Lunar cycle.
'The Hebrew calendar's year is longer by about 6 minutes and 25+25/57 seconds than the present-day
mean solar year, so that every 224 years, the Hebrew calendar will fall a full day behind the modern
fixed solar year, and about every 231 years it will fall a full day behind the Gregorian calendar year.'
So the spring equinox creation Year of Tohu/conception was about 25 days later then the 22 Adar date
if we extrapolate back, thus falling in the Nissan Tekupha after adjustment.
By being assigned Nissan as our first month (as we were right before the exodus) we are testifying to
this deeper understanding, this can be compared to our being assigned to keep Sabbath (as we were
right after the exodus) as it testifies to 7 days of Creation.
This may be why Chazal rounded solar year to 365.25 days as not fixed and difficult math beyond the
capacity of average community. Another example of a non fixed but set time span is a 120 year life
span. Aside from waiting 120 years till executing Mabul Hashem set life span to 120, yet was gradual
process, and did not mean we were to live 120 years exact. Our calculations of time not same as the
Creator, thus Moshe said 'about midnight' (re 10th plague), yet we are authorized to set the calendar,
see Mishna RH 2:9
Read: 'The Recent Complex Creation' Torah/Science reconciliation available on amazon, that Torah
origins account recent complex creation ex nihlo fully consistent w/ valid premise and science.
Keep in mind initial inflation of universe measures at speeds vastly greater then speed of light.
Additional reading published by artscroll:
R' J. David Bleich, Birchat Hachama and R' David Feinstein ' the Jewish Calendar
Roger M Pearlman CTA
Nissan, 5769 -1

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