On Josephus,

by Roger M. Pearlman CTA author 'The Recent Complex Creation' Torah-Science reconciliation:
While he certainly paid respect to his host Edom/Rome i believe he was actually a hero.
Seeing Hashem was going through with the exile as forewarned, why sacrifice his men
and their families? This reasoning is not unlike Rabbi Yoachanan Ben Zakai who was an
agent for Torah preservation.

Josephus may be the same as a young Rabbi Jose HaCohen the Tzadik see Mishnah Avot.

He have gone lone wolf like Samson (see Samson's Struggle by R' Eli Stern), ready to shoulder blame, unable to disclose his noble motives.
Josephus did not have the access and feedback from a complete Torah library and top
Yeshiva schools to get a complete accurate Torah account, and Halachic review. So
Josephus had to rely on memories from childhood Yeshiva schooling, logic, and the best
available records of the Gentile nations (which were not always reliable as is Torah).
He was a Cohen, from the Hashmonai (Maccabee) dynasty, and would not have been
appointed general in a revolt against occupying Rome if not bona fide.
Some of what Josephus wrote is doubled meaning, like we (Jewish Exiles) lived along
the 'Sabbatyon' river (in Exile the Sabbath preserves the Children of Israel).
By Against Apion 1 & 2 Josephus was older and not afraid to speak clearly. Still not
rubbing the wounds (sins) of Rome in salt (as otherwise the work would be banned and destroyed),
letting the chips fall where the Creator willed, to set the record straight.
Not sure of the semantics but let us define Pharisee, Rabbinic Jew and Mosaic Judaism
as the same. By his 2003 work 'Josephus and The New Testament' Steve Mason states it
is clear Josephus had the consistent world view of a Rabbinic (orthodox) Judaism based
on Torah Moses from Sinai. A reversal of his minority 2001 position I believe
questioned Josephus being a Pharisee.
Josephus seems to not even have been aware of any new testament writings, being
written about the time he lived. Some early church writers Origen and Eusebis tried to
co-op Josephus to push a baseless replacement theology. Including the false assertion
Judaism would die out within a generation. Our extant copy of Josephus was controlled
and edited by Christian copyists about 300CE when material unauthorized changes
occurred. A false insertion was made that Josephus blamed the Temple II destruction on
treatment of James by the Jews. When in fact Josephus blamed the Temple II destruction
and related catastrophic events on nothing other then "conspicuous violations of the
Mosaic Law, just as was the case w/ Temple I." See Mason chapter on 'use and abuse of
Josephus'. These lies and political maneuvering to curry favor with the rulers and masses
of Rome were the basis of much subsequent antisemitism and Torah bashing.
The good news is because the works of Josephus were co opted, they survived. A wealth
of valuable history, and valid thought, for those astute enough to avoid the pitfalls.
In the book of Leviticus, P' Kedoshim, the book Deuteronomy, and in the Prophets, we
are repeatedly warned of these temporary consequences, until Israel turn back to the
Mosaic covenant of 613. Just as the curses came true, the promised in gathering of the
exile started, so will the assurance of the permanent restoration of Torah covenant
observance, including the Holy Temple service, come true.
It will be a source of blessing and peace for us and the remaining nations that backed us.

Archaeological discovery of Jerusalem tunnel used to hide/escape, as described in Josephus, see Israelnationalnews.com

Against Apion I & II at Gutenberg.org

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