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Grain trade alert issued for clients several years ago.

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Low interest rates relative to inflation will weigh on the currency.

The path of least resistance is to pay back debt with ever cheaper currency.

Abundant and weak currency will result  in inflation.

While various factors can lift treasury prices, in the long run why would anyone buy Treasuries if the currency decline is greater then the interest paid?

To attract capital to fund the budget deficit, and keep any decline in the US dollar orderly, interest rates may need to rise.

A downward spiral could develop where lower bond prices make the alternative of investing in equities less attractive and lower equities make bonds less attractive.

This all leads to a real risk of sustained declines in the US dollar, bond, and equity markets.

Pearlman CTA managed futures programs could help you protect against, by profiting from, a rise in interest rates.

A weaker US dollar, high energy, labor, tax, regulatory, and legacy costs, and slowing productivity point to commodity price inflation.

Decades of world wealth and demand growth, a finite commodity supply, and low carrying costs are also bullish for commodity prices.

Pearlman CTA managed futures programs could help you protect against, by profiting from, higher commodity prices.

Gold has been a good alternative to the US $. Some commodities are sensitive to economic strength. Some commodities in hindsight will be known to have been better values then others. Keeping an informed, reasonable outlook is only a part of what is needed to maximize the chance of success. The why futures, why managed futures, and why Pearlman CTA pages explain why this program may have as good or better chance of success then the myriad of alternatives.

Each professional CTA is unique. It is prudent to choose a Commodity Trading Advisor who can position and manage an account for you to prepare for pending events. Pearlman CTA managed futures programs have the potential to do well in good and bad economic scenarios, positioning clients for potential profits while attempting to hedge some financial risk.

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If and when sufficient demand we plan to reinstate NFA membership before program resumption.

Futures investment entails risk and is not suitable for everyone.

As with all investments past performance is not always indicative of future results.