Tehachapi CA. 93561 Real Estate.

Fine residential and commercial Tehachapi real estate, good values and locations, for sale, lease, or partnership. Memo rmpcta@aol.com for more info.


Golden Hills West / Oak Knolls / White Oaks / Country Oaks / Old Towne, Tehachapi CA. 93561.


20681 W. Valley Blvd. Tehachapi CA. 93561 

2,400 SF Finished + 800 SF Hot House, + 900 SF Covered Porch = 4100 Gross SF 1 acre of C-2 Land.

For all: Lease $3,000 or Purchase $410 k.  For 2,000 SF finished only: $2,000 lease or Purchase $299k.


23151 Woodford-tehachapi road, Tehachapi, CA 93561

Prime commercial and or residential land and location in Tehachapi CA 93561

intersection of by white pine drive by the old country club.. where golden hills east, golden hills west and oak knolls meet, ..
Golden Hills CSD recently purchased abutting land, former golf course, w/ lake to upgrade and value add.
Would make great education center, retreat, camp site, residence inn, spa, country club, estate, vineyard..

Flood study complete. Upgrade the existing water well on site to add a lot of value to the property.

Back 10 residential, front 8.59 commercial zoning. can build to suit.

Leased to an ideal tenant, off the market till June. So advise interest in case they do not lock up by then.

Upscale 4 bed 3 bath House + Carrige House + 4 car garage + office, on 2.5 fenced, view acres.

The Carrige House w/ 1.5 bathrooms, $165k.

The 4 Bed 3 Bath 3000 SF Main House, $465k.



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