'The Recent Complex Creation' framework (RCCF)for understanding science in full context.

A CTA's Torah and Science reconciliation.
The RCCF has six principals for understanding science in full context.
G-d willing / BEH' to include the RCCF cosmolgy model, more on radiometric dating,..
Publication pending credentialed scientific, and halachic expert, review.
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Old Draft:


By Roger M. Pearlman CTA



Part I


1)   One Creator

Part II

2)   Six Day Creation Ex Nihilo

3)   Torah is the Authentic Revelation of Divine Will

4)   The Commandments

5)   Free Will, Reward and Punishment

6)   Human Life is Sacred

7)   The Importance of Jewish Israel

Part III

 8)   Darwinism: A Bursting Bubble

 9)   A Recent Creation, A Single Continent, 3760 BCE = Year 1

10)   A Complex Creation

11)   Man and Dinosaur Coexisted

12)   A Diminished Atmosphere: Flood, Mountain and Radiation Build 1656

13)   Ice Age then Continental Separation by Babel Dispersion 1996

14)   Dating Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Exodus & Revelation 2448

15)   Unified Theory of Original Light

16)   Conclusion: Restoring Jewish Israel Path to Peace and Prosperity

Part  IV

17)   Biography,

18)   Glossary, Source, Reading List




The length of a day was set on day one! Talmud Chagiga 12A quotes R' Yehudah quoting Rav. Creation was 5767 current years ago in six 24-hour days. Sabbath observance testifies to this..27   All factual evidence can be reconciled with this simple Torah understanding, premised on a complex creation and a change in atmosphere.

Old universe theory is based on faulty logic and premises. It is inconsistent with science and Torah. Once a scientist denies the Creator he is forced to overstate the age of the universe. A life-supporting atmosphere for millions of years would also be a great miracle. Where to draw the line between metaphor and fact in Torah text without guidance from Chazal is reckless. Unless qualified by context or the oral tradition scriptures does not stray from the plain meaning, see Rashi on Genesis 37:17. Like a prudent investor who finally capitulated to a brokers hype and bought the NASDAQ at 5,000 is a person of faith now putting trust in another man's old universe theories.

Like Abraham's contrariness, my father, Thomas W. Pearlman Esq. thought independently and overcame adversity to build Torah education and practice from Providence. By eighth grade biology that education made it clear secular humanism fails to satisfactorily explain the source of physical matter.

As a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) I see plenty of follow the crowd over the cliff mentality. Things often look best at the top and worst at bottoms. Blindly following "financial experts" will usually lead to disaster. Likewise there has been great damage from "scientific" theory portrayed as fact. Amalek denied the Creator's management rights over man. Stalin and the Nazi's used evolution doctrine as cover. In 'Mirrors of Eternity' R' Nachman Cohen demonstrates how different perceptions of the Creation even effect Halacha.  Awareness of the recent creation should enhance appreciation of the Creator, Torah, Sabbath, Israel, the universe, and our selves.


Part I

1) Hashem is the One and Only Creator:

Avraham determined Hashem is continually managing, sustaining and willing the existence of the universe. There is one creator. Einstein's success was premised on this. Intelligent design is consistent throughout the universe proving one common creator. One can see wisdom in about anything and everything in 'The Amazing World we live in'.[i]   The way things interrelate, and similar features in different species, like eyes above a nose then mouth, or wings on birds, pterosaurs, bats, and insects (that would not have evolved even once by chance),11   all prove one common creator. Protons, nucleons, electrons or the strands of vibrating energy that compose all matter, prove one common creator. All forms of life having the same type of genetic code prove a common creator.2   Diversity in life and if multiple styles in the Bible proves the Creator, with 13 revealed attributes, is not limited to any mode. Until a unified theory is disseminated that reveals the complete truth no one name has been adequate to describe Hashem.13   The Creator is not limited by His creation. See commentary on Maimonides 13 principals of Jewish faith.


18)  & .27 Exodus 31:16-17

[i] Title of book, illustrating intelligent design, by Katz/Cohen

11 'Not by Chance, Shattering the Modern Theory of Evolution' by Dr. Lee Spetner

2 Gerald L Schroeder, Genesis and the Big Bang, pp 113, 84, 109, .

13 'Bible Basics' by Jerome S. Hahn and Zechariah 14:9

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