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'Appreciating Values' with Pearlman CTA.
Reconciliation of Torah and Science in a 'New' Light.
Compilation by Roger M. Pearlman CTA
1) One Creator
2) Six Day Creation Ex Nihilo, 3760 BCE = Year 1
3) Torah is the Authentic Revelation of Divine Will
4) The Commandments: Elevators of Mankind
5) Free Will, Reward and Punishment
6) Human Life is Sacred
7) Importance of Jewish Israel, Six Day Miracle in 5728
8) Old Universe Theory: A Bursting Bubble
9) A Recent Creation with a Single Continent and Ocean
10) A Complex Creation
11) Man and Dinosaur Coexisted
12) Flood, Mountain uplift, Start Radiation Build, 1656
13) Ice Age, Continental Separation, Babel 1996
14) Ancient Civilization, Time Line, Revelation 2448
15) Unifying Force of Original Light 5769
16) Facilitate Mitzvot for Peace & Prosperity

Basic Universal Noachide Covenant. Rambam 13 Principals
of Jewish Faith. Glossary. Source, Reading Lists. Justice
Scalia. Curriculum Disclosure. Notes of Encouragement.
Biography. Aleph-Beis/Word Play.

'Most Accurate Time Line' Excel see revised draft at chapter 14 in book

by Roger M. Pearlman CTA

Torah includes the written Tanach such as Five Books of Moses, Judges, Prophets and oral tradition such as recorded in the Talmud.

As of this writing the unbroken time line from creation is 5769 years the longest known credible time line.

Torah is the only origins account 100% consistent with factual science.

Compilation  includes adequate scientific and Torah proof and sources.

Do not take out of context.

Do attribute sources in any distributions.

Dissenting opinion US Supreme Court Justice Scalia

Some key points and comments:

Secular purposes of conceding factual science testifies to recent complex creation:

Full disclosure needed of the underlying premise used in science education. Link to draft.

Join scientific association/s who endorse consideration of young universe, intelligent design and or the Creator.

Promote open research, teaching and science journals.

Eternal universe: That would insinuate no Creator, has been debunked.

Old universe: Pushes much into distance beyond scientific method and based on false assumptions so conflicting scientific results.

New universe: Yes there is a Creator and we each have our respective responsibilities!

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