"The Recent Complex Creation"

Part IV

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18) Glossary:

Chazal - Learned, righteous commentators on Torah.

Hashem - Means ‘The Name', Creator and Master of the Universe.

Mabul - Flood associated with Noah.

Messorah - The Unbroken chain of Torah transmission.

Oral Torah - Talmud, Medrash, and Commentaries based on Messorah.

Torah - Oral revelation + Bible, Prophets and Scriptures.

Source and Reading list:

'Theory of Evolution: Impact on Scientific thought and Torah Beliefs' by R' Dr. Moshe D. Tender Jewish Action Magazine (JA) Fall 5754.

'Mysteries of the Creation' by R' Dovid Brown, Targum Press.

Legacy and Anvil of Sinai are by R' Zecharia Fendel, Feldheim Press. Legacy provides all the timelines.

Conception of Creation effects torah views: 'Mirrors of Eternity', and ‘Esther's Plea' by R' Nachman Cohen; Torah Lishmah Institute.

History of bias: 'To Eliminate the Opiate' by Dr. Marvin Antelman.

'Not by Chance' by Dr. Lee Spetner, Judaic Press

Universe tailor made for man 'Anthropic Principle' Dr. Natan Aviezer.

'Sing You Righteous, A Jewish Seeker's ideology' by R' Avigdor Miller.

Biblical Hebrew / Edonics the source of language 'The Word' and 'Origin of Speeches' by Isaac Mozeson.

For a good English Bible try Artscroll.com, Talmud also Torah Lishma Institute Talmud study guides.


17) About the author: My mother Miriam grew up in the Bronx where I would visit my grandparents Charles Akiva and Pearl Leah (Hacker) Vogel. Reminiscent of Sarah mom looks as beautiful to me now as a beautiful child. Like Moshe my namesake I burnt my tongue at a young age and had speech problems. My grandparents Israel and Ida Pearlman met at U. Michigan and used the shoe business to raise and educate 11 children. Persevering the depression with a growing family inspired my plan at age 3 to sell apples if depression recurred. Israel inculcated the importance of physical fitness, Ida a writer was a strong advocate of Jewish Israel. By age 3 I went to the Museum of Natural history, the Bronx and Roger Williams Zoos. Like a Shepard I found solace in nature and wildlife. During nursery school I had a premonition, looking up from my swing at a loose piece of wood that promptly came down gashing my scull. This may explain my unusual thought process. I screamed all the way, raced to the hospital in that '61? mustang convertable to the hospital. The open air may have helped prevent infection. My younger sister Channa Bina's passing on when I was six affected my family profoundly. Under the guidance of R' Nachman Cohen, R' Eliezer Gibber, and other notable teachers like R' Peretz Gold, and backers Dave Hassenfeld, Malcolm Bromberg, Marc Diamond and others my dad was instrumental in developing a high level of Jewish education in Providence. Along with the many guests who came to my parents Sabbath Table we were expected to speak on the weekly Torah reading and its application today.

My older brother Joshua was righteous. From a young age he learned Torah and brought to our home its practice. A year or so later while alone playing ball 10 year old Joshua was defending us from 2 older boys and 1 my size. Reminiscent of David slaying of Goliath the single flat stone I flung ripped the ear of the bully grappling with my brother. Only we stayed at Jewish Camp Bourndale when the camp traveled during Shabbat to a sports meet. When we could participate we excelled. Lesson: Shabbos rest helps one reach their physical potential. In 4 th grade I was the youngest player on our school soccer team exhibition during a minuteman game at Fenway Park. My teacher R' Rozemerin was married at age 13. At age 13 on the Gesher Morasha summer program I mastered bargaining in the Arab Shuk with Jeremy Krause. At age 14 half of those arrested at a NYC sit down demonstration against the Soviet Union were from my school. My grandpa Charles (Akiva) Vogel had gone undercover to help expose the growing pro Axis movement the reaction to Pearl Harbor dissipated. He took me to court by subways he helped design while in the army core of engineers. The Judge was sympathetic to the cause R' Meir Kahane spearheaded to free Soviet Jewry. Ronald Reagan completed opening the iron curtain.

From an early age my high math aptitude was used to challenge. Helping the righteous gentile teacher Mrs. Brown (who learned the Benching to make sure we did properly and introduced me to wildlife magazine) score classmate tests, catching the bookkeeper who claimed never to be off by a penny by a penny, excepting friend Morris Marks invitation to a chess tournament and beating him in the final, solving a problem the geometry teacher claimed was a type error and challenging the science teachers premises and logic.

We had a wild class and I went to finish 7th grade at the Norwich Hebrew Academy living with the Shafners in New London. R' Lapides took us to the lower east side, R' Dubovick prepped me for Bar Mitzvah Shabbat Chanukah, R' Moshe Drazin ZTL his mentor was a great influence. My long time secular friends made themselves scarce when I confronted by a group of bullies. Later when things were about to come to a head David Katz summoned David Shafner who saved the day. Akiva Vogel, and Joe Fishbein, helped provided the high school a dormitory. Yisroel Leventhal from Boro Park , Chey Dombroff of Far Rockaway, and others were loyal friends. We learnt a lot, played a lot of ball, and had some great adventures.

At age 16 I participated on the Bnei Akiva Hachshara program. My brother Josh was completing a second year at Yeshiva Kol Torah. A memorable miracle happened for my brother while we hiked from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea . Low on energy, the sun going down, nursing the last few drops of water, off the trail, stuck on a cliff part way down the Kidron Mountains overlooking the Sea, some mountain goats reveal the way down. Thank you to all who stopped gave us drink and a ride back. I majored in the Aliya friendly field of accounting at Northeasten U. Courses in physics, logic, and finance, co-op work experience and off campus associations helped direct my growth. My MIT professor uncle Phil Mandel had me for Shabbot. While a roommate R' Yitzcak Breidowitz broke down Maimonides principals to simple logic for me. While living at Cong. Chai Adom R' Dovid Moscowitz taught me Talmud.

My dad tried changing things as a lawmaker. He learnt good people more then good laws make a healthy society. Striping public education of the faith based values based on Torah places our entire society at risk. After Watergate others were treating President Nixon as the plague. With R' Baruch Korff my father founded the citizens committee for fairness to the president demonstrating gratitude for positive accomplishments such as the air lift to counter the Soviet backed attack on Israel and peace with China. As a leading delegate to the Detroit convention nominating Reagan he was instrumental helping his friend John Chafee get Bush senior the VP slot. It took both Bush and Son to be president before divine justice took down Sadam Hussein for brazenly shooting scuds at the Promised Land and payments to the families of terrorists. Despite his idealism and dedication when it came to election time the opposition would typically belittle my dad. Going from state rep to city council dad became the minority leader due in part to being one of the only republicans. In a tight 3 way race he helped the republican candidate Buddy Cianci get elected. It was a disappointment when the new mayor pushed aside loyalty and honor for political calculation jumping to the popular democrats. Private initiative and the check and balance are important parts of our system. Living with the Kramer family in Silver Spring while working for NAFC at age 18 I was reminded how shameless politicians can be. A prominent senator claimed to have voted for Israel despite Israel 's strong opposition to a bill that also included advanced fighters to Saudi Arabia . Recent Saudi violations of stipulations by basing said craft near Israel validates our concern.

My close friend Shimon Marks and I stopped in London for 2 weeks on our way to a half a year of study in Jerusalem . I was with R' Brovender in the Novordic Yeshiva building under R' Brook. Shimon was across the park at Ohr Samech. I went back to my brother's friend Rav Uri in Meah Shearim. Rav Uri was on the kinder transport and came to Yerushalim pre '48. Fishel Fruchter and I went straight to the Kotel for Dawn prayers. The full Pesach moon lit our way as we took the scenic route atop the old city walls from Damascus Gate. Many of those attending services had gone to Yeshiva in Providence including the renowned Hanoch Teller. At my Joshua's wedding to Elisheva Lemberger there was some good dancing before the bride. I was honored to hang up the coat of R' Schwab.

By 19 I was working for a CPA firm able to analyze a company and studied options and futures. The price action of McDonald Douglas diverged from expectations. Unreported cost overruns were the cause. Dan Dorfman reported insider trading. I lost on the stock. I made money on the options. Taking full responsibility as the sole certified class litigant, against a formidable legal team, with the help of Attorney Morty Marks investor losses were recouped.

I continued investing after graduation turning 15,000 to 150,000. That was more then my CPA employers made. I made my investment advisor career choice. As the DJIA went below 1,000 there were many great values. Gulf Oil had an $80- book value and dropped under $40 a share. Those who heeded my advice and bought the stock cashed out within 2 years at the buy out price of $70- a share. I bought options that could have turned a million plus profit. I held out a year and gave back a lot of profit. Having married I was unable to risk more. I took the principal and remaining profits and invested them at the record high interest rates. It was an ideal time to invest in stocks, bonds and real estate. Based on the capital I had real estate had the best risk to reward ratio. I bought a 2 family for $12,000- cash. I would buy, improve then sell profitably about 50 units. I needed the cash to buy the next units and living expenses for my growing family. Those who heeded my recommendations and bought high interest rate bonds, stocks, and rental property had great appreciation. I had some cash again and began to hedge risk and speculate with futures which don't have a time premium like options. Having checked with a Rabbi that it was OK to trade pork belly futures as long as no delivery, I lost and never traded that market again. Having done well shorting $30- crude oil I was determined to buy as much oil as possible when the price was near $10- I made an offer for a large ARCO East Providence oil storage facility. The plan was to get hedge margins, buy oil futures, and take delivery if need be till prices rebounded. The real estate market was bubbling and a Boston developer was able to outbid me. By the time he removed the tanks the savings and loan banking crisis ended his plan.

Having moved to Teaneck then NYC I worked by the WTC including by the trading desk of Vision Partners gaining valuable futures trading expertise. Silver was under $4 an OZ and the Swiss frank .65 I was telling everyone who would listen to buy.

One day at the sentencing hearing of the Murderer of R' Meir Kahane I stared down while circling a well organized Muslim Brotherhood. Having been acquitted of the actual murder the followers were emboldened to do the first trade center bombing. That's what it took for federal charges to be brought. The photos taken by Kach, JDL or R' Weiss that day helped ID the perpetrators. The investigation did not go deep enough as they regrouped and 9/11 resulted. Jewish blood was not cheap.

Roommate George Brieger threw a house warming Chanukah party to our 84th and Riverside flat. Notable neighbors were R' Besser and the Stiller's lived directly below and were duly invited. Sport highlights of the year were Sunday morning football in central park and winning the YI of Brooklyn Softball league behind pitcher Seymore Goldberg. Shabbos meals were a great chance for Kiruv. Hearing Steve Hill offer career guidance to an increasingly observant talent was keen. So was experiencing R' Shlomo Calbach. Anon Afsi, Perry Antelman, Yisroel Goldman, Barak Haldorsen, Beryl Ostroff, Yoni Pearlman, Chaim Pinsky, Marty Saklad, David Shaffer, Baruch Shaver, Jeff Vogel, Avram Weisenberg, are some other old friends.




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