The Recent Complex Creation

Part II

2)   Six Day Creation Ex Nihilo

3)   Torah is the Authentic Revelation of Divine Will

4)   The Commandments

5)   Free Will, Reward and Punishment

6)   Human Life is Sacred

7)   The importance of Jewish Israel

2) Yesh MeAin Hashem Created the Entire Physical Universe from Absolute Nothing (Nahmanides):

In six days Hashem organized creation from everything from which he had created on day one.22   The 23 Big Bang Theory touches on this truth and that of a sudden creation. Science must leave to blind faith the singularities of the initial primordial matter and start of life.2 The source of the strong and weak nuclear forces, electromagnetic and gravitational forces, inflationary epoch, and the like can only be reasonably attributed to Hashem.2   While there have been no new physical creations since week one Hashem retains control at will of operating sytem Hashem put in place. So Hashem can alter what appears to be destined. Hashem can diect the outcome of what should be random. Hashem 'provided us water from a flint stone'.24.1   If all atoms or strands of energy stopped what would remain? The Torah is the blueprint of creation. Hashem used the 22 letters of the Aleph Bet,25   in ten utterances, to form creation. To help understand consider voice recognition software, that computer systems use just 2 digits (Binary), and all elements are a combination of protons, neutrons and electrons, that are composed of strands of vibrating energy or building blocks that are.

Having completed the decree of slavery 400 years from the birth of Isaac the Creator directed Jews to observe Sabbath. Keeping the Sabbath attests that Hashem created the physical universe from nil in six days. Implicit in the seminal "Hashem is One" prayer, Jewish calendar and Jewish law is evening preceded morning in six days, not six eras, during the first week of Creation. Not only did Hashem Create the universe but entered into a covenant with all mankind.


3) Moses and Torah are True, the Authentic Revelation of Divine Will:

No other ancient document contains details of creation only the Creator would know, all supported by the latest scientific fact.2   Biblical Hebrew was the original numerical system, alphabet, and base language.31   Like Rashi another script may have been used for secular purposes. The factual archaeological record is consistent with the entire Biblical account. In 2448 the exodus from Egypt and revelation of Torah by Sinai was witnessed by millions of Jews on a prophetic level. We 'saw the thunder' Ex.20:15 people can see sound and hear color.33  See The Origin of Speeches by Isaac E. Mozeson to learn the knowledge needed to visualize sounds. No comparable claim stands of a such a clear, direct, mass, public revelation by the Creator.34   The soul of every Jew was present at revelation. Almost a century before Egypt entrapped Israel to servitude there was already a liquid market for slaves. Joseph was sold multiple times before being acquired by Potipher. The Jews were not the first or even the majority of slaves and workers in Egypt. Moshe assisted millions of gentiles who originated from around the world to leave Egypt to attest about Hashem on their return home.35   Joshua explained the Torah in 70 languages. This may explain how, when and where all other nations as mentioned in the Medrash rejected an offer of the entire Torah. Even if one wasn't there those there acted as agents which should be binding when for the benefit of the recipient. It will be clear in time the commandments are a benefit. Than for many years the open manifestation of the Divine presence dwelt in the Miskon37   and its successor Solomon's Temple. The written Torah is logically impossible to understand entirely without Oral Torah as recorded in the Talmud. The revelation at Sinai included both the oral and written Torah, the basis for Torah commentary by Chazal. The Talmud expounds the Scriptures words and the unelaborated details of its laws. That's how Jews know 'between the eyes' is above the forehead and the construction of Tefillin. Loss of use and work, medical, pain, and embarrassment are the five types of financial compensation an 'eye for an eye' means. Not to cook, eat, or benefit from mixing milk and meat is represented by 'Not to cook a kid goat in its mother's milk' being repeated 3 times. Even 'clouds of glory' repeated 7 times has a meaning. Torah learning, understanding, teaching and observance remain Jews primary national priority. This unbroken chain of tradition 'Messorah' continues to this day. The 13 rules of Rabbi Ishmael teach consistent, accurate interpretation. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all predicated on the 5 books of Moses. Any later text that contradicts must be acknowledged as erroneous or it undermines that denomination.

The script itself is holy. Rashi was careful in its use. Pronunciation should also be with discretion. Hashem has multiple attributes and names. Not all were revealed to the Avot who were certainly blessed. Like a child not calling a parent by name we are careful only to pronounce what, when and where it, is appropriate.

We benefit from cumulative knowledge.44   There is no need for the Creator to be repetitive. Our ancestors of great intelligence would have surpassed tomorrow's knowledge and technology long ago, had Hashem allowed it. The expulsion from Gan Eden, dispersion from Babel, burning of scrolls in Alexandria, disruptions to Torah study, war, etc. obstructed knowledge of the secrets of life. This may explain the revolving flaming sword guarding against our access to the tree of knowledge from gan eden. The 4-letter name of Hashem tells that He was, is and always will be. The entire physical universe is a finite tiny fraction of his power; the distant sun a tiny fraction of that. Rabbi Yehoshua said if you couldn't gaze at one of Hashem's ministers (the mid-day sun) than you sure are not capable of gazing at Hashem directly. 78   While living not even Moshe could look directly at Hashem (Exodus 33:20). A single atom contains the energy to destroy a city. How many atoms are in the universe? Can you even count the atoms in front of you now? With retrospect, through his works, deeds, and Torah Revelation we can know our Father and King, Hashem. Dreams and Sabbath are a hint of the afterlife. The more we refine our soul now the greater capacity it will have to experience the greatness of Hashem in the future. Public speculation of pre Creation unjustly limits Hashem to our limited understanding. Misunderstanding is inevitable if Creation delved into publicly. Like the special Names of Hashem, revelation of the powers invested in creation should only be taught to a qualified student.

The acts of our fathers are signs for the children. History repeats itself. Other civilizations cover up their shortcomings. In the rare instances Jews sinned (amongst the million plus in the Midbar just 10 times in 40 years) the Torah records it so we can learn from our mistakes. One resource for study is

No comparable revelation, 'eternal covenant', 'nothing new under the sun', time elapsed, 'Moses being the greatest Jewish prophet including Messiah', 'The Creator not being a mortal that changes his mind', are basis for Jewish law not changing an established precedent unless support is found within established guidelines from earlier eras.

Ancient history and current events, such as the massive return of Jews to Israel, the greening of the land, and increasing Torah observance and study, confirm Hashem is still the Reliable Sovereign and His Torah as taught us by Moshe true.

The Torah contains the basis for guidelines that can be applied to every situation. We should all support and respect each other as we attempt to keep our respective obligations also contained therein.


4) The Commandments:

'Greater one hour spent in dedication to the Creator and doing good deeds in this life then the entire afterlife. Greater one hour of pleasure in the after life then this entire life.' (R' Yaacov, Mishna Avot 4:22).

Through the commandments we attain sanctity, by elevating the physical in service of the Creator. The 'Ten Commandments (Dibrot)' contain 13 Mitzvoth (commands). They are part of and reflect 248 positive and 365 negative obligations that can apply to Jews. Some commandments apply to Cohanim (special Levites), Levites, regular Jews, and gentiles. Being a parent, ones age, gender, wealth, education, occupation, location, and other factors can also effect commandment relevance. Just like a football team functions by players taking different roles Hashem designated certain areas and functions for different people. Like a loving father with several children the Creator determined the children of Avraham through Isaac and Jacob(Israel) should have a separate role primarily linked to the land of Israel and the Holy Temple. The whole team of mankind benefits by performing to the best of ones ability within the range of ones assigned role and enabling others to perform their roles. The goal of Israel is to build a fitting site for the Divine presence to be openly manifest in this world from which to bestow blessing on all nations. If someone worked hard to build a business and wanted certain children to inherit certain parts even a disgruntled majority of children have no standing to rebel. In this case we can get a good idea why the Creator chose who, for what, by Torah study. Ishmael recognized this later in life when he had his younger brother Isaac lead the burial of father Abraham. When Esau who may have a primary role in the physical sphere, accepts his supporting role in the Torah sphere, good things happen. There are 7 capital groups of obligations for non-Jews; many overlap the 10 commandments. Like all commandments, when performing it is preferable to have in mind you are acting as willed by the Creator.

The first tablet deals with our connection to the Creator. Sabbath precedes respecting parents as even parents are obligated to respect Hashem. Hashem is a partner with our parents. By respecting them we respect Hashem.

The second tablet also enumerates potentially capital offences, but between man and man. Murder is one prohibition. Not to steal refers to kidnapping. Monetary theft is covered elsewhere. The proper warning or punishment for each prohibition is also spelled out later. The Creator spoke directly to the myriad of Jews assembled the first two Dibrot. Hashem wrote the first two tablets whose pieces were placed in the ark with the second set inscribed by Moshe.

Some have customs that overlap with Jewish ones from the seven Noahide commandments, Abraham's followers, the mixed multitude from the Exodus, the lost ten tribes, contact with Jews or reading scriptures. Offspring of a Jewess are Jewish. Others require conversion conforming to Jewish law to expand into the covenant of the Children of Israel. This requires allegiance not only to Hashem but also to the Nation of Israel. Who is a Jew? My father41 uses an analogy: citizenship/ constitution to Jew/ Torah. One is born in or sworn in, and can't pick and choose only the statutes liked. A general principal is not reducing sanctity. Once Jewish there is no going back. To do so is a gross violation of multiple covenants and is tantamount to suicide.42

Decisions from 'the highest court' come with more evidence, witnesses and documentation than any statutes or law on earth. The proof is beyond a reasonable doubt. It is our duty to abide by the Creators judgments as revealed in the Torah. Accept willingly the 'Yolk of Heaven' unlike a burden it provides positive direction.13

NaAhseh VeNishma (we will do and we will hear, Exodus 23:7), all of Israel accepted unconditional observance of the Torah. Understanding it is a lifelong endeavor. 'Serve Hashem with satisfaction'. 'Being satisfied with your position is true wealth'. Jews don't belittle the Creator by feeling like a 'grasshopper' in the shadow of adversity. Moshe was the most humble person yet he feared only Hashem. Don't equivocate right with wrong. 'Don't follow a majority to evil'. Silence can be acquiescence.

The Bible is accessible, the number one all time best seller. An excuse of ignorance of the law is limited to ones inability to comply with and learn the applicable laws. Repeating a sin 3 times can desensitize, leading to denial or faulty rationalization. Arrogance is a prime stumbling block.

Mishna Avot tells us in order to increase our merit Hashem obligated us with many commandments. Everyday we face and make choices that impact on our fulfilling our obligations.


5) Free Will, Reward and Punishment:

Hashem could have created us perfect as angels. This would take away our free will if to be aware of Hashem, and the rewards of 'choosing life' when fulfilling our responsibilities. If a maze book is already filled in the satisfaction of accomplishment is diminished. 'According to the effort is the reward' (Mishna Avot). Why reward or blame a being with no free will? We do have free will. Cain could have overcome his tendency (Gen 4:7). Investments look their worst at the low and best at the high valuations. The largest profits go to those who sell the high and buy the low. Those who support Torah study and practice when it is most subject to ridicule will reap the greatest rewards.

To prepare, exercise care, or worry, is to admit free will (Kuzari).

In this essay The Faith of Darwinism and the Science of Intelligent Design, Dr. Arnold Slyper, director of Pediatric Endocrinology at Loyola University Medical Center, points out the seemingly random operating system of the universe on the sub atomic level is the perfect design for Hashem to exercise divine providence on the individual and national levels.

Hashem is close, 'observing through the windows, peering through the lattices.'53   Yet as defiant blind orphans so many live. You can't run or hide from the power of Hashem whose gifts are countless. Keep 'open your eyes'54 and be it out of fear or love and you will not intentionally sin. Human senses are limited otherwise we would always be aware of Hashem. At least during the times of active prophecy one person might be aware of something someone by their side could not. As Abraham and Isaac saw the clouds of Glory over Mount Moriah while also righteous Ishmael and Eliezer could not. We see this again with Hagar and the well, Bilam and his Donkey, Elisha and the fiery hosts.

'In every generation we are tested with a false Messiah'. Tests not passed carry over to future generations. Sometimes it can be a false belief like random evolution from simple to complex. The 10 spies, Bar Kochba or Shabti Tsvi The reputable start. Once they let lack of faith corrupt their conclusion, broke with Chazal, or publicly violated Halacha reliance on their expertise and stature was no longer a valid excuse. So we should not rely on the best known scientists who will likewise be discredited once the truth comes out. Their opinions are built on often undisclosed premises outside Chazal. Conflicts of interest and ulterior motives are also typically not disclosed. Today there are qualified scientists who have examined the same factual evidence and conclude it is consistent with a recent complex creation.

In lecture tapes 'The Wicked Make Us Great' and 'the Iron Furnace of Egypt' R' Avigdor Miller explains how adversity can refine and elevate us. Avraham challenged Nimrod, Jacob had Esau, Joseph 'stood firm', Moshe overcame Bilam, David slew Goliath and Mordechai wouldn't bend. 'In every generation they rise to destroy us but Hashem rescues us', Hagadah. 'Others come with excellent weapons and stumble; we call on Hashem and triumph'. No one or thing is independent of the Creator. The most concerted efforts and best technology from Babel to National Socialism can't withstand the will of Hashem. While a human court is not to punish a person for the sin of their parent or child, regret the transgression of the past three generations or be accountable by Hashem. A Parents choice affects their children. People who care only about their children must also behave. 'Woe to the wicked and their neighbor' in the exile we may need the merit of a special command like the Pascal Lamb in Egypt to protect us from a general destruction about us. History seems to repeat itself like the 10 plagues, with cycles of arrogance warnings, destruction, tears, and respite. 'A negative decree can be voided with prayer, repentance and charity'. Wicked leaders tolerated by the masses may have their hearts hardened as Pharaoh. Like the German double cross of Russia leading to its own devastation. Today the Arab leaders must have very heavy hearts not to embrace Israel's peace overtures as the Jewish redemption unfolds. Jews are a family responsible for one another and should in a loving way correct the laggard. Merit of the righteous endures a 'thousand generations'. Respecting the law of the Land is commanded.

Many gentiles have contempt for Jews who try to be like everyone else. Sincere gentiles respect Jewish observance. 'The nations are blessed via the Sons of Jacob'. By being like a big brother supportive of Judaism the USA has been blessed to become the top world power. The connection is sometimes obvious. Chaim Solomon funded the revolutionary war, a fight for independence that was inspired by the Exodus from Egypt. Israel provided the countermeasures to USSR armaments to end the cold war. Exposing the cover-up and setting back Iraq 's nuclear or chemical program pre gulf war, credit Israel and Jonathan Pollard. Bad economic policy coincides with policies that compromise Greater Israel.

Those who love Jews wouldn't dare abet their assimilation. Those who undermine Hashem's chosen as the Nachash in Gan Eden, Midian in (Numbers 25:17), and others who have tried throughout history, are condemned.58   The good of the wicked is compensated in this world. On expiration they face shame, distress and purgatory or erasure. Jews (who malpractice) may be the root of many world problems, but using a stick to hit Jews gets the user in worse trouble. Better to positively help direct the Jew to return to compliance.

The Creator administers reward and punishment 'measure for measure'. Miriam who attended Moshe by the water merited a well of water for Israel in the wilderness. We recall daily another lesson we also learn from Miriam, who underestimated the superiority of Moshe's prophecy. Inappropriate speech that would drive people apart can have an atonement of being set apart.58.2   Until experiencing the afterlife no one fully comprehends the suffering of the righteous. By not releasing the adversarial angel till it blessed him Jacob insured Israel could gain after enduring suffering.58.4   Yisro the father in law of Moses recognized the elimination of the pursuing Egyptian army in water was measure for measure as were the ten plagues.

To understand Hashem tracking our deeds contemplate wireless, computer and spy technology. A blood hound can tell where we have been by detecting dead cells we trail. Surely our Creator has the power, as a parent the concern, as our king the right, to monitor our thoughts and actions. To understand revival of the dead consider DNA and cloning. The Talmud makes the logical argument it is easier to make a copy then start from scratch.

'All is for the good' we bless Hashem for both the good and the seemingly bad. Both good and evil inclinations can be trained to serve Hashem. There is no power independent of Hashem. Nature and Angels including Satan are just agents and messengers existing by the will of Hashem. In reality Hashem could have done Creation in an instant with one utterance. Mishna Avot tells us in order to increase our opportunity for reward Hashem used ten utterances over six days.


6) Human Life is Sacred:

'Great is man for each of us is created in the image of the Creator. Great is the love of the Creator for man for he let us know this.

Great are the children of Israel who are all 'sons' of the Creator. Great is the love of the Creator for the children of Israel for letting us know this.(Mishna Avot).

'The entire physical universe was created for the righteous person'. 'Saving one life as if you preserved the universe' and murder is equated to destroying the universe. A good parent values their child above all other wealth. In Yona 4:6 - 4:10 Hashem demonstrates all mankind is precious. We are all descendents of the same person Adam. So no one has a valid genetic claim to superiority. We do accrue merit for a thousand generations for our descendents so it is never to soon to start living a righteous life.

'Not in the heavens..' Torah was received and accepted right here on Earth. Only Mankind created with a soul 'in the image of Hashem' can fulfill the Torah. Not relevant to angels are prohibitions such as idol worship, murder and adultery. While one moment of afterlife basking in the Creator's greatness exceeds all the pleasures of this world, one good deed exceeds all we can accomplish there. Be on the right team. 'It is better to be the tail of a lion than head of a fox' Mishna Avot. When there is no one else we have to step up. It is within our capacity to live responsibly. We are bidden to emulate the attributes of Hashem: mercy, grace, patience, kindness, truth etc., as we observe his commandments. Parent's love for their children can help one understand how.

Viewing our life on Earth as lucky or one of many civilizations on distant planets is like a spoiled child who does not appreciate their parent's gifts and sacrifice. Better an idol worshipper than an atheist. An idol worshipper can be grateful for being created, and acknowledges a superior being. Yet he is equated with a murderer. Murderers deny the sanctity of life and defy Hashem. So Hammas and Hezbollah are like associations of idol worshippers. Talmud Sanhedrin reviews the various sources that we learn about the afterlife in the written Torah from. The afterlife and pending resurrection of the righteous help one understand when the good suffer. Deniers lose their share of the afterlife, as punishment for false testimony is 'as they misled'.

Care for the body at least as much as material wealth entrusted to you. Self-inflicted injury is one practice of idol worshippers62 . Suicide will only increase ones suffering. 'Choose life' we are to 'live' by the commandments. Only in certain extreme conditions is death a good choice. Many have died upright and sanctified the name of Hashem rather then be forced to commit murder, illicit relations, or foreign worship. Check with an expert Rabbi before being in those situations. Help your fellow man. Preserve the environment. Unless threatening the mother's life protect the sanctity of a fetus. Potential life and corpses should be treated with respect. How much more so a live person. Extraneous contact with bones is another idolatrous practice and source of (Teumah)defilement. Ritual immersion in a Mikvah of water separates us from death and allows us to be closer when we serve Hashem. Now we will see how all mankind can act as a team playing their respective positions to bring our common Creator closer.


7) The Importance of Jewish Israel:

Israel is on Jewish Land! AMEN = Kel Melech Neeman, Hashem is the reliable sovereign. Just as the prophecies of exile have come to pass so to our redemption. The Creator of everything from nothing was fully entitled to designate the land in perpetuity and enforce its restoration. He is bound to keep his promise to the Jewish people. Jews in turn can't disown the Promised Land. Apportioned by the Creator by family via Joshua it reverted to the nearest Jewish relation each 50th 'Jubilee' year. No subsequent occupying power had right to deed the land. While it may be more as trustee or as on consignment then outright ownership we are bound to observe the 7 year shemittah cycle terms determined by Hashem the true owner. A reestablished Sanhedrin will determine rights to the land.

The majority of the 613 Commandments Jews are obligated to observe are linked to the land of Israel and the restored Holy Temple. Non-Jews can fulfill all their obligations anywhere else. Who else is obligated and keeps Shemittah? Why would anyone want to occupy the very and only land we can perform this service to the Creator?

No consistently applied international law prevents Israel from annexing the restored Jewish lands of Judea Samaria and Gaza. 'Don't follow a majority for evil'. The UN is making a big mistake by pressuring Israel, 'Through the Jewish People the nations of the world are blessed'. The Holy Temples windows provided divine light to the world. Soon the final verses of Deuteronomy 32:40-43 will be fulfilled.

A reason the Bible begins with creation is to entitle the entire Promised Land to the Children of Israel, Rashi. Ishmael was given Seir. Avraham sent away his other children with gifts to eastern lands as only Israel was deeded the Holy Land. Astute Christians have acknowledged the special covenant between the Creator and Jews remains intact. That the Creator granted Israel to the Jews is even admitted by the Koran. Not only Mohammed, The early kingdom Egyptian Pharos who knew Avraham, Jacob, Joseph, and Moses, Avimelech the Philistine ruler, Lavan the Aramite, The top Babylonian leader Nebuchadnezer who knew Daniel, Persian kings Cyrus, Darius 1 and Darius 2 (who ordered cooperation as the Jews returned to Israel to restore the Holy Temple), Alexander the Great, amongst others, realized Hashem's great power, relationship with the children of Israel and our responsibilities in the land of Israel.

Relinquishing any part of the land could be used by the uninformed or our enemies to casts doubt on our claims to the remainder. They might say how could real Jews discard their birthright? True believers will back Jewish Israel.72 Until Israel accepts the primacy of Jewish law we will not know how many of its neighbors are sincere.

The 'occupied east bank' Jordan , as well as Syria and southern Lebanon occupy 90% of Jewish mandate lands. Not one was duly authorized to take these lands. If not for the cease fire each time Hashem gave Israel the upper hand the entire promised land would be complete and at peace.

If the enemies provoke war do not fight for the status quo that led to the war but clear and annex the lands used to attack. Compensate the soldiers who risked their lives and those who backed them.

Then the enemy will stop provoking or have no place to go.

How many wars till we realize this? If they attack successfully they will kill you and take yours, so turnabout is fair and a deterrent to other bad people. Jews are better off not making treaties with peoples inhabiting their land. Now the Elon plan for peace is viable and fair. The peaceful solution is a population and property exchange of remaining Arabs, who recognize Jewish national rights but want more than civil rights, with Jews who fled from or were murdered in Arab nations. Jews who want to live east of the Jordan get Israeli citizenship and Arabs living west of the Jordan get Jordanian citizenship.

If enemies provoke war Israel must fight to win. Do not fight for the status quo that lead to the war. The winner must clear and annex lands gained rewarding the soldiers who risk their life and the people who back them. Enemies will stop attacking or will end up with nowhere to go. The Blessing the Israel will inherit the gates of its enemies is actually a prescription for peace. Jews are warned not to make treaties with other peoples occupying their land.

Those who follow Hashem are will prevail in the end. A basic requirement for soldiers should be Torah study and observance. Torah study is a national service that protects a nation as much as an army. Joshua's army rarely suffered a casualty. Even the non-pious King Ahab merited his army of 7,000 righteous to slay over 220,000 assailants in successive victories.

Involving the USA as a mediator, monitor, or surrogate defender etc. is the mistake the Hashmonaim made with Rome and Bar-Kochba with other foreigners. Aside from neutralizing Israel's staunchest backer it can backfire if material interests like oil pervert political decisions. The renewed open manifestation of the Divine Presence may wait till Jewish Israel is free of foreign practice and dependence. Blessing comes to the world when 'Yisroel relies on Hashem' and is 'a nation that dwells apart'.

Avraham conquered the four kings east of Damascus .

Isaac never left the Holy Land and was in Gaza (Gen. 26: 1-2).

Jacob set a marker Lavan, from Padan Aram in Turkey , vowed to respect.

Moshe conquered Transjordan from Sihon and the Bashan from Og.

King David restored lost lands around Damascus .

Ben-Hadad offered to restore control of Damascus to King Ahab.77  

In '67 one hundred 19 year cycles after Gamla fell, the Golan reverted to Israel. This other 6 day miracle is known as the 6 day war. North of the Golan has been a Jewish homeland for a thousand years longer than the occupying Syrian states existence. If war erupts a peaceful border should be set at Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Regardless of ones nationality and citizenship being a backer of Jewish Israel is no more daul loyalty then caring for ones family, having a religion, or independent world view. To the extent the state of Israel supports Jewish Israel it is in our national interest to ally with it,and family interest to support it. To the extent the state of Israel fails in its mandate we should ally with and support those people and organizations who are committed to the Torah covenant.

It is only a matter of time before the people of Israel live up to our obligations. If we are worthy it will happen sooner 'on wings of eagles' without additional suffering, if not 'riding on a donkey' at the appointed time.

Just as enabling the wicked is like cultivating cancer, compassion for the enemy only leads to innocent bloodshed. A core will fight whenever they detect weakness until Israel is no more. 'If someone comes to murder you kill them first'. Every decisive victory in Tanach is followed by long or eternal periods of peace with the defeated enemy. Releasing captured enemies supports future assaults. Restore the death penalty for terrorists. In Israel citizenship should be contingent on loyalty to its Jewish nature.

The PA so called 'Palestine Authority' should stand for 'Practicing Amelek'. It was thought for a time that Amelek was finally destroyed during Purim. When Non Jewish occupants of the land protested the restoring of the Holy Temple it was determined Amelek persist.78   Like Amelek the PA is strongly opposed to the restored Holy Temple, were the first to attack after Israel's miraculous delivery, and embrace death to undermine the Jews covenant. The Canaanite tribes were condemned due to idol worship, child sacrifice being the ultimate type. The Pals have had a national policy encouraging child sacrifice and undermining the Jewish mandate in Israel. As the Prohet Samuel said 'as they bereaved mothers so shall their mothers be bereaved'. Expect the worst type of hell as the end for Amelek and their advocates.

The sword comes to the world for inconsistent justice. By responding to PA terrorism by calling on Israel to make concessions the UN and naive media has spread terrorism around the world.

The lesson of 'never again' is we can't prevail against the Creator. The Chosen Nation is blossoming at home, the third Reich no more. Do not fail to head this message. Good citizen do not let our leaders ignore this lesson. Zechariah 14:2 describes the plague awaiting those who will be led against a vilified Jewish Israel. The in gathering of the exiles and greening of the Holy Land are major indicators of the redemption. Restoring observance of the commandments and the Temple service the primary role of the Messiah.

Not only is a murderer compared to an idol worshipper, people who hate Jews by definition hate G-d. When Israel instates leaders who practice Jewish faith it will open the eyes of masses of sincere Arabs to fight terror along with other men of good faith and back Jewish Israel.

Enemies of the Creator can be defined by the extent they prevent others from keeping applicable commandments. Because so many of the commandments are linked to Jews living in Israel and a restored Holy Temple, those opposed to Jewish settlement in greater Israel and a restored Holy Temple are the greatest enemies of the Creator.

With the restoration of the Jewish population, and resulting sanctification of the land, it will be time to rebuild the Holy Temple. Then accurate knowledge, awareness of the Creator, and peace will fill the world. Visit www.Israelnationalnews.Com for accurate information.

Now we will examine the evidence to help determine what Creation account and world history we can believe.


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