"The Recent Complex Creation."

Part III

8)   Science is limited, Hashem is not limited. Darwinism a Bursting Bubble

9)   A Recent Creation: A Single Continent, 3760 BCE = Year 1

10)  A Complex Creation: 'BehKaMoTsah' with Full Stature

11)  Man and Dinosaur Coexisted

12)  A Diminished Atmosphere: Flood, Mountain and Radiation Build 1656

13)  Ice Age then Continental Separation by Babel Dispersion 1996

14)  Founding Ancient Egypt 2003, Exodus & Revelation 2448, Purim 3405, Chanukah 3622.

15)  Unified Theory of Original Light

16)  Conclusion: Restoring Jewish Israel Path to Peace and Prosperity

8) 'Hashem's Greatness is Beyond Investigation', (Psalms and Iyov). The more we know the better we can appreciate.

Darwinism is false. Science often bases its dating and conclusions based on the erroneous assumptions that there has been a steady rate of mutations and those things randomly evolved from simple to complex over long periods of time. These assumptions have been totally discredited.132  

Evolution theory is a falling house of cards. Like a burst financial bubble with those paralyzed investors still clinging on as they are pulled over a cliff. The truth evolutionists mix in is the approximate order of creation in Genesis. It doesn't impress me to have billions of bits of data that may confirm one theory when the same bits plus trillions more confirm another. Repeating big lies and name calling are all they have left.

Just like most of the time water is not putting out fire or fire evaporating all water does not mean we should worship fire or water as they both have their limits and are dependent on a greater entity for their existence. Like a dog biting the stick that hits it, not realizing the force behind the agent, is one who worships physical matter unaware it exists and powered by Hashem. Worse is being fickle, a fair weather friend, switching back and forth to whatever is up at the moment. Worse yet is acting like everything is an accident and not being grateful to the source of our existence.

Widely accepted secular and pagan beliefs proven wrong such as the 'universe always existed', 'the earth is flat', the Neo platonic theory, and Darwinism, obscured the truth for prolonged periods. 'What happened to our forefathers is a lesson for us' Just as Joseph was accused by the guilty party so have our traditions been ridiculed by those whose ideas are deserving of ridicule.

For example "survival of the fittest" actually supports intelligent design and conflicts with Darwinism. This is because many things have multiple features which together serve a useful purpose but individually are a handicap. So enough useless mutations would never have been passed down long enough to combine into something useful. Slight variations in genes resulting in a range of characteristics shows intelligent design. The Mishna in Sanhedrin teaches using one template 'Adam' resulting in a variety of models (all subsequent humans) testifies to the greatness of the Creator. Other base species were also designed for being able to adapt to various conditions. The modern era error of Darwinism is the primary 'fallacy of the mind of man that denies reason' and 'opiate of the masses' it is 'a crucial plank. . of western thought'.

'Humans have a tendency to settle comfortably into conventional wisdom- which is often the biggest obstacle in the path to scientific truth.'

'The beginning of wisdom is awareness of Hashem'. This with life experience makes the elderly wise. If our soul serves our body we easily delude ourselves. Wisdom preceding fear of sin or exceeding good deeds won't endure.1.2   Cognitive dissonance permeates the scientific community. Concern and humility lead to truth.

A good justice system would have several fair independent Judges listen to expert testimony from both sides. Those who have an in depth knowledge of both science and the Torah perspective of Creation overwhelmingly acknowledge intelligent design. Only scientists without deep knowledge of Torah still advocate Darwinism. One needs common sense, not detailed scientific knowledge of everything which no person has, to know who is right.

Today the old universe faithful are the judge, jury and prosecutor. Each time they are caught making a false accusation, verdict and or judgment they make other unsubstantiated charges. The just defendant is not represented, not funded, and considered guilty till proven innocent. To date, when fully disclosed, the truth has always vindicated a recent complex creation.

Like a lie the more truth mixed into a theory and distant its contentions the harder to disprove. Darwin 's simple theory was repeatedly contradicted. As more fossils are found they prove a top to bottom diversification of life, not the gradual bottom up called for. Non existent missing links is only one terminal fault. Advances in technology have magnified the inherent conflict between natural selection and the small steps needed for evolution. 'Many cellular systems are to "irreducibly complex" for evolution to work.132 Convoluted layers of complex alibis were heaped on to cover up faults. The secular assumption is that every min evolved from one. There should be abundant proven cases if true. There is not one proven case of one min evolving into another.132   The laws of increasing entropy means things go toward chaos, so organic compounds are much more likely to disintegrate than form.2   Fully developed life forms appear suddenly. Consider Stasis, life forms remain stable being the rule not exception.133   Intelligent design and the functional integrity of nature are also cause to thank Hashem. Scientists should use an inter-disciplinary approach. When you don't look at the whole picture it is easy to take findings out of context. A Lubavitch Rebbi letter about Age of world says you can't extrapolate a small range of readings to a large range.134  Adam learnt this lesson after 4 months when the days started getting longer. Another letter by the Rebbi dated 17th Cheshvan 5752 points out acknowledging the limitations of science, set by science itself, remove any challenge to the Torah. Those hypotheses about what actually occurred long ago such as the evolutionary theory are not relevant to present day research, are highly speculative, are replete with internal weaknesses, and are not even strictly scientific.136   More complete teachings of the Rebbi on science are included in the works of Arnie Gotfryd PHD and Professor Chaim Branover. This related compilation is by R' Shlomo Cohen. Man often sees things from a limited point of view. Conflict of interest can blind. Fans overall see a disputed call the opposite of the opposing team's fans. We should ask ourselves are we unwitting biased fans of a corrupt school of thought? A desire to see the past in a certain way led to the unintentional fabrication of human development. Example: For decades science accepted a partial skull, stone 'tools' pieces of rock, and animal bones in a cave in France proved modern man preceded Neanderthal. While modern man may have come before Neanderthal, the findings from that cave were no proof. The skull may have had the Neanderthal brow feature broken off. The animal bones were washed in by flood water and the stones were naturally formed. In America a brave scientist was ridiculed for, and others avoided, questioning the Clovis first theory. Fortunately the evidence contradicting the theory was eventually disseminated. Sometimes what we seek is in view if we open our eyes, as with the well by Hagar and Ishmael. Many people kick themselves for not acting on a passed historic investment opportunity that in hindsight was obvious. Failure to sense does not negate a reality. To prevent physical decay we consult doctors. Good planning can protect wealth. Torah sages can prepare us for and guide us through spiritual challenges.

String theory theorizes undetectable strands of vibrating energy compose all matter. The fact that we can't test or observe the strings has not kept many top scientific minds from delving into its study. This research has been going on for over a decade and is well funded. That is because it makes sense and answers a lot of questions. Torah makes more sense and answers the most questions. The lesson is to direct and support the greatest minds in Torah study. If string theory is true it fits in perfectly with the Torah account.

Today's Mitzrayim: Mitzrayim(Egypt) means constrain, narrowness or limits. Science is also limited so limiting. A scientist who knows science is limited to observable natural phenomena should realize scientific observations are equivalent to watching a puppet show production by the Creator. Could science alone insure the 100% probability of Joshua picking the looter135   or Jonah getting the short stick? Adam realized in just a few months right after the winter solstice that his scientific extrapolation didn't reveal the true design of Hashem. The world was not plunging into total darkness. Science misses the larger picture and the behind the scenes reality. Only with awareness of the Creator will science ever be able to solve the whole puzzle of life. Pharaoh, like many today, was living in denial of Hashem (Exodus 5:2). They thought to master creation yet stayed subject to the body. The dead body bereft of soul is the epitome of defilement(Teumah). The Children of Israel souls were able to break the physical barriers of Egypt to attain freedom and master material wealth (Genesis 13:1, Exodus 12: 36). Observing Yom Kippur, Bris Milah, and other mitzvoth, demonstrates true freedom. The body, material goods, and nature can be made subservient to the soul. We recite partial Hallel the end of Passover as the redemption is yet incomplete. Till the Exodus no slaves escaped Mitzrayim to freedom. Until thinking outside (the lines of) the box (the limits of science) no scientist is aware of reality. The truth will (help) set you(r mind/soul) free from serving your heart and eyes our physical/animal side. Do not be duped by popular false claims. Do not let yourself and children continue to be defrauded by a faulty education system. With full disclosure and source recognition leads to peace. 

9) A Recent Creation, The length of a day was set on day one.(Talmud Chagiga 12A quotes) R' Yehudah quoting Rav.:

Old universe theory contradicts itself and factual science so it is bound to conflict with the truth of Torah. Science should at least footnote their assumptions that we will see are false such as old universe and their use of 'circular reasoning' old earth so absence isotopes/absence of isotopes so old earth.121.2 With circular reasoning they not only prove nothing, they highlight their inability to find good science based on sound logic to back their false theory. This despite many years, great brain power and vast resources spent. There are more then ten dating methods that are justified from one another resulting in circular reasoning on top of circular reasoning. Carbon Dating and related techniques need serious adjustment. Absence of radiation to start would cause new things to test very ancient. Every such test from creation on would date over 7500 years if the radioactive isotope producing radiation were absent. A 'scientific fact' is that different climatic conditions produce grasses with different levels of carbon isotopes, which are incorporated into the offspring when the grass is eaten and metabolized by the creatures.121   Being boiled spun, and soaking a year in ocean water might also effect how artifacts date. Calibrating for atmospheric fluctuations in carbon-14 up to a couple thousand years based on Californian bristlecone pine rings assumes one growth ring a year and an even isotope distribution, in diverse life forms, around the globe.

When rock formation dating does not make sense to scientists they claim 'conditions' altered the readings. Well if a recent creation, continent shift and subsequent radiation build up is not such a condition it is hard to imagine what is.

Age of the granite rocks-

The earliest attempts to establish absolute age dates from the Salinian block were produced using the Potassium-Argon age dating technique. K/AR age dates throughout the Salinian block, including samples from the Pt. Reyes granites, have run in the range of 70 to 90 million years. More recent work in the Salinian block with Rubidium-Strontium and Uranium-Lead age dating techniques indicate an older origin, in the range of 100-110 million years before present. Work with other age dating techniques, including fission track age dating tools, has provided information that following the rock's origin they were subjected to conditions which apparently reset the Potassium-Argon age dates to the younger date.

If you accept old universe theory you have been duped by non scientific flimsy excuses such as the one for this 10-40 million year discrepancy. You can learn more on radioactive rock dating from Yaacov Hanoka PHD and his work at BeorHatorah.com.

Separation of the upper and lower waters was timed to cool the immense heat generated by element formation during first days of Creation. Using light years vs. age of stars to date the universe leaves a contradiction only a young universe 'stretched out like a curtain' (Psalms) at creation has been able to reconcile to date. There is a universal pressure122 that could have been used by Hashem like a fast forward dial for light speed etc. If the standard speed of light was not surpassed during Creation the theory of relativity and time dilation would reconcile time frames of science and the Bible.2   Outer Space observations may be better described as a 'hologram' than the residue of a random Big Bang. The microwave evidence showing 'fluctuations on all scales were already in place from the earliest moments of the universe' proves cosmic Inflation Theory. 'The universe expanded at an unimaginably rapid rate, far faster than the speed of light, for an infinitesimal fraction of a second just after Creation.'122.21   Once one realizes the speed of light was not a fixed limit, mathematically 6 thousand can be just as valid as 6 billion for years the universe has been in existence. Saying the speed of light is constant but flows differently depending on the size and density of the universe has the same result. The high ratio of doubles star systems is not consistent with random placement. Western science claims no evidence of galaxy growth or mergers for the past 8 billion light years. They admit galaxy configuration is in patterns and not spread randomly. That supernova were moving slower then extrapolation based on accepted age range of universe dictates implying a younger universe. Einstein concluded the related cosmological constant his biggest blunder. Rather then consider the truth they run in circles with similar false theories such as dark/black energy/matter. They need something to fudge the facts to conform to their false theories. If a CFO or CPA tried this on their books without full disclosure they would be facing major jail time. Even with full disclosure it would not meet basic accounting standards. The assumptions and speculation random evolution and old universe theory depend on have less substance then the 'dumb ones' of old represented by wood and metal idols. To the extent one accepts academic fantasy one blocks out true meaning in one's life.

Life started early and was widespread. Sino Bacteria fossils prove life started very early and very fast.122.25   The Cambrian explosion lasted between one and a few hundred years based on a greater number of body plans than exist today with lower species diversity. If as old as accepted how have comets retained their volatile constitutes or be clean of pulverized charcoal? Why isn't the moon covered with meters of dust? Why isn't the ocean saltier? Where is the calcification? Why aren't helium levels higher? Why didn't stronger sun or core waste Earth? An abundance of granite rock proves surface was never molten. See Evolution Cruncher chapter 4 at www.evolution-facts.org for many scientific examples how stars, sun, moon, comets, meteors, earth atmosphere, rotation, magnetic field, energy deposits, core, oceans, soil, river deltas, etc. all support creation 3760BCE.

Absence of the 'dark matter' postulated to comprise 70% of the universe can be explained by phenomena still reverberating from the big bang. This dark matters existence should have prevented everything else in the cosmos according to Dr. Riotto of the Padova institute Italy, March '05. Both observations support a recent creation. 'Fossil fuels' a misnomer, are from earth's formation not fossils.123   The fact petroleum reserves are still useable indicates a young planet. The Burgess Shale and 'Cambrian Explosion' should be admissions of a sudden creation of life. Signs of life converging with the age the planet became habitable supports creation.124   Inter min 'natural selection' that Darwin mistakenly believed took millions of years happens practically overnight, as happened to a group of freezing swallows.123   A few Cichlid species in Lake Victoria varied into over 400 species in just a few thousand years. Antarctic under the ice is moving in months spans thought until  recently to take decades. Look at the population growth of just China and the USA in 200 years despite war, famine, disease, and family planning. Can you imagine how many graves and people would be in the world if over 6000 years has really passed? DNA testing, see section 8, refutes conventional fossil and strata dating.

The oldest bird is below the oldest lizard fossils and human below ape fossils from whom they allegedly came.86   No missing link here: Two people connected Avraham and Adam (Noah and Methuselah). Two connected Avraham to Moshe (Jacob and Amram). Avraham likely knew Noah. We know Yitzhak studied in the academy of Shem son of Noah. So the accuracy of the Torah was established by those closest to, and knowledgeable of, the events. This avoids inaccurate revisionist history. The Torah time line is detailed in the work 'Legacy of Sinai'. No well documented traditions predate its 3760 BCE Start. Some cultures count seasons not years, use mythical or fictitious characters, or have gaps in the record. In less than a lifetime many people believe Jewish Holocaust losses of six million are grossly exaggerated. Some will even prove this 'Scientifically' if you accept their false premises such as fatality rates. Those who deny a six-day Creation about 5768 years ago, or fault the million plus number of Jews participating in the Exodus from Egypt use similar faulty arguments. For tens of lifetimes no revision to the Torah account took place, as the events were widely known to be factual. The wise men of the nations held Creation in Nissan(R.H.12a). Some reasons to be in denial of a young universe are money (salary, research grants etc.), prestige, trying to avoid yolk of heaven, ignorance, naivety and not questioning popular myth. Bribery blinds. The influential 1800 member National Academy of Sciences has smothered any dissent. It has been choosing its own members since 1863. Over 90% reject a Creator open to prayer and an afterlife. Compare that to 40% of all scientists who do believe. The chance of their electing more than a token theist is about the same as the secular humanist Israel Supreme court and its self appointed attorney general, (notice the conflict of interest), admitting the primacy of Halacha (Torah law). Lets hope the new justice minister Friedman is successful in his efforts to correct this abuse of power. So far the Judges, AG, leftist elected reps who use the biased court to further their agenda, when the majority of elected officials don't do their bidding, along with the leftist controlled media are fighting tooth and nail against. They discredit Torah by distorting its position. The admonishment 'not to let success go to our head and falsely believe it was our independent effort, and talent that made good', need be posted at NAS as there is a correlation between power and arrogance. Many unwittingly consumed undesired ingredients before food labeling laws. Science theory fed the public also requires full disclosure. No living coral reefs, forests, or trees date over 5766 years. Fossil reefs are consistent with Torah and Science recent creation time line. Research by Ariel A Roth, Geoscience Research Institute, linked. Ice layers in Greenland validate only a few thousand years when considering climate change and continental divide.

A meteorologist Alfred Wegner called for a multidisciplinary research approach when he deduced our current map emanated from a single continent and ocean as indicated in the Torah. After decades of ridicule and dismissal the evidence he gathered became widely accepted. Some inconsistencies in his work may have been due to his mistaken assumption this happened over millions of years.

The first documented use of fire by man was in Israel western dated 800,000 yrs ago. That use of fire didn't reach Europe for 200,000 years126.7   makes this dating ludicrous. Missing gaps are in the archeological as well as fossil records. That different stage stone tools often belonged to the same user who simply modified when worn magnifies the gap. Why such sparse evidence if human habitation really spanned tens of thousands of years? A recent Creation solves the 6,000 year gap between the same highly skillful spear head flaking techniques of the European Solutrean and American Clovis. Why would it take 27,000 years to go from skilled cave art to writing? Why is all the indisputable evidence widespread and appear suddenly within the past 5,000 years? Rugops primus fossils recently discovered in India cut the time elapsed since the break between South America and Africa by 25 million years.127.2   How flimsy was the prior dating. 2 more discoveries can erase the remaining 50 million overstated years.

A 100 million gap closer just out: mammals were highly specialized 100 million years earlier then thought (or the dinosaurs lived 100 million years more recently then thought). This mammal fossil found with dinosaur remains already had features found today in beavers and seals. Either way it shows 'evolved' adapted mammals and dinosaur coexisted and the mammals must have been created complex to have such features from their earliest known fossils.

Korach was smart, knowledgeable, popular and blue blooded yet wrong. Moses and our Torah sages have credibility and are correct. The only account 100% consistent with factual science of whom, how, and why we are, and when and where we are from, is Torah. Many independent dating methods that substantiate the Torah are discarded as being way out of whack with the preconceived notions of the researcher. They ignore or dismiss the findings using baseless excuses. Always say 'appears as if x years old, based on faulty assumptions', when using western dating.

10) 'Everything was Created with its Complex Stature' (R' Yehoshua Ben Levi, Talmud Rosh HaShanah 11A):

Physical matter was created on the first day and sorted over 6 days. According to the view Hashem created and destroyed 2000 worlds before ours one can argue they were a metaphor or returned to nothing. Another understanding is these worlds were those created and destroyed on the first three days, Rabbi Abahu, Genesis Rabbah. The purpose of these worlds may have been to build the heavy elements and other components needed for human life.2   It was a good idea if done by the second day before the upper waters were separated so the reactions would not overheat the earth. Living species documented to have coexisted with dinosaurs prove we are part of same world. To be consistent those who claim a day lasted longer extend Adam's 930 year life span. Disingenuously the same people typically reduce his life span. Adam wasn't formed a baby, new yet developed enough to name animals. 

Language also shows a recent intelligent complex start. The power of speech and 'origin of speeches and intelligent design in language' the science of Edenic by Isaac E. Mozeson are as amazing as the other intelligent designs throughout the universe and ultimately lead to the same place and truth. The language from eden 'edenic' as known through biblical hebrew. The Animal names given by Adam in Gan Eden are of the initial base species rather then their diverse offspring. Similar names in other languages do not have the same insight into the unique attributes of those species as do the Edenic names. This indicates that: Edenic is the initial base language. Adam was formed within a season of other living creatures. Animals were not formed very long ago. That like animals, language has actually been devolving not evolving over most of history.

Agriculture, shepherding and Korbonot (sacrificial) offerings and prayer were with us since the first family. Adam also had a complete set of all healthy DNA that compose mankind. Hashem built into life the ability to adapt. That is how Hashem could direct the base species to fill the world. The trees in Gan Eden were ready to eat of. Elsewhere except in the water, vegetation, with complete DNA, created on day three had not yet breached the surface. Paleosols could be this widespread layer of soil not covered by water. Plants in this state rarely last long. the longest lasting known such cases are up to about 3,000 years with palm seeds. Life as we know it would have soon perished without Adam's prayers for precipitation, 'Hashem desires the prayer of the righteous'. From the point vegetation was created on Day 3 it could not have been the equivalent tens of thousands of years before Adam. Grown trees did not exist outside Eden till Adam prayed for rain. This contradicts old universe theory that claims dinosaurs and mammals roamed the earth for millions or even thousands of years prior to man. There is no need for Believers to think Hashem would need more then a day to grow trees ready to eat from in Gan Eden see Yona 4:6 - 4:10. When the sun and moon were set in place is the basis of calculating the Tekufos(seasons). The 28 year cycle blessing over the sun, a prayer for precipitation, and a third law connected to Tekufos are based on the teaching the sun was set in place at the very beginning of day 4. The molad is when the new moon starts between the earth and sun each month. One tradition holds a Nissan creation the other Tishrei See R.H. 12a. Implicit is a day was 24 hours, 1/29.xxx of a lunar cycle, by day four. That is before any animal life was created. In the Jewish Calendar by R' David Feinstein we learn the creation week began five days before the new month of Tishrei. Yet we count Adam as being formed in year one, one year after the start of the Year of Tohu(void) which started 5 days before Tishrei year zero, when the spirit of Hashem hovered over the 'waters'. These waters refer to Torah, Bava Kama 82A. Hashem had already conceived in thought the moon so it is as if the first molad was on day two of those 5 days, see Tosofos Rosh Hashanah 8a-b we have a tradition what day and time within 3.5 seconds the first molad was. Again and again we see Torah account backs a recent creation. How did Hashem know the duration of three, 24-hour day's pre sun - 'Does not the creator of, an eye see, a mouth speak, an ear hear', and, a prophet know the future! Of course Hashem could have simply planned ahead.

All base fruit tree types were in Gan Eden. All initial base animal species started in or near Gan Eden as Adam named them (Gen. 2:19 ). We will see the sun did not penetrate the atmosphere as it does post flood so the ways trees develop and flower may be different. Any creature that needs decayed matter may have been dormant until the decay developed. More likely it is a sub species that didn't distinguish itself till the conditions were right. Chicken or egg first? Hashem created the ancestors of egg laying chickens. One of 36 base species of birds, created on day five. They or a descendent had an egg(s) with the chicken breed features. A 5767 giant bird fossil find in China the size of a T-rex and from the same era is another example that birds did not evolve from dinosaurs that were not birds to begin with.

Dr. Pruitt in the on line Journal Nature March '05 found the ability to correct a defective gene inherited from both parents by a plant. Gregor Mendel's laws of inheritance fails to account for this possibility. Evolution which depends on mutations changing an organism rather then being righted gets another nail on its coffin.

All healthy DNA was in place by end day six. Life started with the potential for a wide spectrum of base body forms with only a fraction surviving today. 'Genes that became inactive long ago exists in 98% of DNA.'84   In just over a thousand year's diversity of life exceeded 4000 years of diversification post flood. Out of hundreds of elephant species only two, the Asian and African, exist today. The earliest and best-preserved Bat fossils are at the Messel pit dated at the Eocene period. All seven-bat species found in just that one location already had echolocation systems.85   The spider's web process was in place from the time of dinosaurs as were other complex insect traits. 70% of today's insects were just like those preserved in amber or fossilized from 'prehistoric' times. The other 30% just didn't get preserved or found. When various minim were saved on the ark only one (Seven if Kosher) pair of thousands of a great spectrum was saved on the ark. For example the pair of canines had the genes for a 'wolf, dingo, and Chihuahua to a Great Dane'. If we have 39" Pygmy to 76" Nordic families today it is likely some Pre-flood families averaged 50 and others 120 inches (the larger bias is explained later). Other features were also more flexible, the line between the most primate like man and most man like primate was much closer than today. Yet the line was never crossed. So H. Erectus, Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon, etc., were just a few of at least 15 different races of hominoid from our common ancestor Adam. Skeletons with mixed features have been found in Israel. It could be from interracial relations, recessive genes (which are more likely to be manifest in isolated groups) or from the spectrum before 'Genetic Drift' inbreeding distinguished the features and the environment favored others. King David slew Goliath the product of Og of the Nephilim (Gen. 6:4) and the Moabite Ophra. Neanderthal type Emim and Rephaim lived more recently then presumed. Abraham's nephew Lot's decedents conquered them (Deut. 2: 9-22). Mitochondrial and nuclear DNA testing shows every Human from one very recent 'Eve'. Compare to 'Eve mother of all mankind' Genesis 3:20. Based on the slow current rate of change DNA shows the entire history of mankind to be only 100k-200k. The latest research shows rate of change 20 times faster than thought.86   We just learnt things started out much faster so either way 5767 is a much more accurate projection. Like in the game monopoly the rate new properties are acquired starts out fast and tapers off fast. So by the time of King Solomon it could be said about lifestyles and forms 'There is nothing new under the sun'. 'All Y chromosomes can be traced back to a single individual'. The date is also over estimated as researchers 'were forced to assume, quite unrealistically, that the size of the human population remained constant...' Adjusting the DNA data for exponential population growth from our common ancestor Adam also supports a history starting 3760 BCE. Two lessons listed in Mishna Sanhedrin of one common ancestor: Producing great human diversity from one 'stamp' demonstrates the greatness of the Creator. That no one should claim genetic superiority. National socialists embraced and propagated the false theory of evolutionary to justify their euthanasia policy. Primates are good for the Ecosystem, and interesting to observe. It is well Hashem provided animals with similar compositions to ours for dangerous life preserving science and medical tests. Our digestive systems are closer to pigs than apes. Our DNA sequences and count are closer to androgynous worms than some primates. While less then 1% is enough in common to prove a common creator, less then 1% can also mean two completely unrelated species. 40% of certain worm genes are similar to humans. At least '220 human Genes come direct from bacteria'.84   Adam was created from the ground and androgynous. The chromosome count of a potato is closer to ours than rodents. All creatures from day six were formed from the earth according to their min. Eve, the exception, was formed from Adam. That is why 'women produce far fewer genetic mutations'.84  Adam was created circumcised but developed a foreskin post sin. Like Jacob, Adam had a twin daughter with each son.

Having genes similar to animals should not be a problem any more then animal life having atomic building blocks similar to inanimate life as it merely points to a common creator. The Creator used genes for proteins called "transcription factors", which control how often other genes are turned on and off, they are far more active in people so we could be fruitful, multiply, and adapt to the various environments while being able to perform the other respective commandments found in the Torah relevant to each Human being. What makes people special is not our physical body but our souls.

In Gan Eden the tree of knowledge was fig, wheat, esrog or grape. In the tree was a Nachash which was a tannin89, created on day five. Dino etymology should ultimately be from the T and N edenic root in Tannin with the T to D dental shift such as edenic giddy to goat, Edenic T'Av(antelope)to Doe(female deer, Edenic talah (suspend>weigh) to talent to dollar and Yiddish Tatty to Daddy. Young Komodo dragon's tree perch. The Serpent in Eden walked upright. It could have been an ancestor to many dinosaur types before eventually losing its legs as a result of the curse (Genesis 1:14 ). Crocs were more diverse pre flood and may have walked upright. Boa Constrictors retain vestigial spurs, remnants from legs. The oldest known snake fossils found in the Judean Hills near Jerusalem have part of their hind legs intact.90   Could Gan Eden have been far?44   Post single continent 'Pangea' landmass the Earth's crust stretched and folded enough to easily cover the size of the largest known asteroid/comet crater, so why not Gan Eden.89.5   The only known pre flood cave/burial chamber folded: the Machpalah (CaPHul means double) in Hebron. Human reproduction and food supply changed after the expulsion from special Gan Eden atmosphere. Life sustaining oxygen levels were present much earlier then old earth theory would postulate. Sulfur sediment oxygen levels are as expected based on a recent complex creation and later Mabul. So all base species were already coexisting from day 6 with the built in ability to have adapted as they did to subsequent conditions, till this day.

11) Man and Dinosaur Coexisted:

Man existed 1,656 years before continental split. Dinosaurs lived up to up to and perhaps beyond split. The Legged Nachash Tenin from Gan Eden would itself be considered a dinosaur. It could have been hundreds of years and many dinosaur sub species branched out before the snake branch developed. Longer legs positioned under the pelvis distinguish dinosaurs from reptiles today. Survival time in cold or water is shorter with longer limbs as with diabetes and frostbite we are most vulnerable at the limb extremities. This may be one reason dinosaur's fared worse then the other surviving breeds of reptiles. Dinosaur fossils found on the tiny New Zealand islands indicate the break up of the super continent 'Gondwana', or Pangea landmass, coincided with 340 years from Mabul to Peleg. The Los Angeles basin did not exist when dinosaurs were prominent. It was formed when mountain ranges formed then rotated 90 degrees during the Mabul epoch. The dinosaur fossils that do exist are 'considered to have been drowned in storm-swollen streams or rivers that flowed to the ocean'. Again we see dinosaurs lived at least till the Mabul. Job lived several hundred years after that. Man and Behemoths113 , whose description fits that of some dinosaurs, were created on the same day.115   Leviathan is a large aquatic creature. Like Galapagos tortoises they lived long but like blue whales were not very fruitful. Was a fast growth rate and low carnivore ratio due to dinosaurs being warm blooded?110.21   Or was it a healthier atmosphere and vegetation that allowed dinosaurs to flourish. A healthier atmosphere and or vegetarian will again make man and beast less aggressive allowing closer coexistence. Lions will eat hay like cattle and children play near vipers (Isaiah 11:7). On day five lizards and reptilian dinosaurs 'Great Tenninim' were created. Like alligators the original base species had the ability to feed in the water as vegetation on land had not yet sprouted.110.24   Fossil remains of today's 'Living Dinosaurs' known to coexist with the extinct ones indicate dinosaur fossils are not leftovers from a prior world. Fossilization requires swift mineralization and burial.111   If not true and the earth is so old it would be a big graveyard and at least have more fossils in strata that represent 'millions' of years. The fossil distribution attests to the Mabul. Each Mabul surge could strip and or leave a sediment layer. So many sediment layers were reversed or have no fossils. A single volcanic 1980 eruption at Mount St. Helen left a deposit over a large area, 45 meters deep, in just minutes. This stratum has multiple layers, of various thickness, and assorted geological features 112 . Human and dinosaur fossils found in the same strata are too easily dismissed; footprints to big to be human, scavenger animals dug and dragged the bones, etc. 'Through the whole 180 foot depth of the Hell Creek formation, the species mix and number of dinosaurs were the same right up to the 2 centimeter layer rich in iridium, a rare element brought to earth by the asteroid'.112.2   The lack of change in the formation also indicates it formed in years, not millions of years. 'Microspherules', metallic glassy spheres, resulting from the asteroid appear at a rate 100 to 1000 times that of normal rock layers.94.5   The South China 'Meishan' site exemplifies the Permian - Triassic extinction. Western dated at 251 million years ago, it has just revealed to have this same unique feature of the 65 million years ago western dated dinosaur extinction.89.5   The existing factual evidence of just one such impact indicates this 186 million year span to be an illusion. Any such Asteroid(s) or Meteor was likely linked to the Mabul events. Just one sample if valid is enough to discredit dinosaur 'gradualists' who thought extinction was over many thousand years. Perhaps many dinosaur types adept in water emerged around the globe post flood. Some sub species stayed in the water like sea snakes. The changed habitat and radiation levels kept most species from reproducing. Dying out as the mammals dispersed from the ark filling the voids. Ancient traditions tell of greater longevity (Atlantis) and size. Were giant warrior encounters fabricated after confusing giraffe and mastodon bones for human? Megalina was a 26 foot lizard; Genyornis a 9 foot bird, many animals were larger so were some humans. High temperatures and aging warp and shrink Human bones precipitously. The ancients knew anatomy. Giants lived much more recent than assumed. Pygmy elephant fossils on Malta are likely from larger ancestors before rising ocean levels separated the island from Africa . Joshua defeated four giants in Hebron. David slew Goliath (the word origin of colossus) who was descended from Og (Source word for ogre, who was the King of Bashan when killed by Moshe). Assuming Og was 13 at the flood he would have lived from 1643 to a few years before 2488 about 840 years when he was crushed by the bolder he was about to cast when Moshe, who was tall himself, jumped and chopped Og in the leg. Gilgamesh was 'two thirds of him divine and one third human'.112.4   We would be considered one third divine as father, mother and Hashem contribute to our birth. It could also be he was, or was a child of, Og who may be the same as Aga of Kish son of Enmebaragesi who ruled or lived 900 years. If so they are from the Nephilim noted in Gen. 6:1-4. The 15 foot statue of Gilgamesh grasping a mature lion half his size could well have equated his actual stature People helped wiped out large ice age creatures.113   Mammoth Tusks show they were reproducing early and often. They were stressed from hunting not starvation. They were harvested for food, clothing and fuel. Look at the rate we deplete accessible natural resources. A 2% annual kill rate by hunters would have doomed those elephant species in just a century. The lessons of Tectonic Ramping, the reversal of sediment layers attributed to seismic action, are lost with false assumptions. Like animal or human fossils having teeth of plant eaters are more recent, many won't consider our possible coexistence, or the prior nature of plant life sustained today's meat eaters. Permission to eat animals came after Noah helped save the animals on the Ark and the quality of vegetation diminished. Sauropod's too big to use tree shade, or find protection from cold spells, yet unable to regulate their own heat could have become sterile or perished. In a field of Sauropod nests, now in South America , the fossilized eggs were inundated with flood water.113.2   Consumers of large quantities of particular vegetation 97% of dinosaurs, including Behemoths were herbivorous.114   Needing a steady flow of energy from the sun they would be particularly vulnerable to the change in atmosphere. Their nesting requirements were even more sensitive. Fossilized theropods from the upper cretaceous period had masses of mineral grains in the rib cage indicating a vegetarian diet. Will this and other recent findings cause an honest revaluation? Teeth marks of one species in another point to coexistence. Absence of teeth marks does not preclude coexistence, especially if almost all were herbivorous. Avoidance, change in habitat, food supply or lack of fossil evidence etc. can easily discount any absence of cross species biting. Dinosaur size and strength would not deter mankind. No healthy animal dared attack man in whose face they sensed the divine image. Even after man's aura was dampened through sin Hashem implanted in animals an instinctive fear of man, Genesis 9:2. Cain also received a special mark. Normally only desperate, desensitized or sick animals attack man. Like man-eating tigers, only about 3 per thousand, but even they avoid striking from the face. Killer whales will eat Gray whales and seals but seldom attack humans. Fewer than 3% of protective Black Caiman mothers take a stand against humans. Snakes have special status, Genesis 3:15. Many living dinosaurs live in proximity to humans today. What fractions of people today are buried with an Anaconda, Great White Shark, or Giant Monitor Lizard? Local dinosaurs would have been slaughtered had they developed a taste for humans. Indonesia tribesman till this day jump on 60-foot sperm whales to drive in hand held spears. Even T-Rex, whose preferred diet may have been carrion, was an easy target when sleeping, or an egg in a nest. The only dinosaur fossil examined with tissue intact showed it to be just another crocodile type.87   The biting force of a T.Rex is equal to an alligator's.88  Villages may have been set on mounds, fenced etc. depending on which dangerous animals were prevalent and the strength of the guardians. Like the giraffe tall animals could have had difficulty climbing even a few feet. Most dinosaurs were only a threat when disturbed so they were not provoked.116   Statistically meaningless is which fossils appear first if animals were created a day apart 5767 years ago. What would be meaningful was the various base species reproduction rate. Science is currently reexamining much of the fossil record based on new evidence of a greater variety of early species.120.8   Today you can find deposits rich in crocodile remains, but void of human remains, in time of drought they congregate in whatever water remained nearby before perishing. Pre flood was a time when a lot less people were dying as they matured slower and lived longer. Dinosaurs that laid large clutches of eggs, depending on the atmospheric effect on gestation periods and maturity rates, would have been a lot more plentiful then other mammals as well. Most living things and shallow graves were swept out to sea. So it is unlikely humans and mammals remains would be found with dinosaur fossils. Birds could have flown over the initial tidal wave. Other variables would affect where they would end up in the flood, such as size, speed, tolerance for heat, lung capacity, swimming ability, density, starting habitat, and strength. So from the Gobi Desert in Asia, Australia, Argentina, Dakota Badlands, to arctic islands we find many large dinosaurs fossils embedded in dirt where they were climbing the hills to avoid the flooding and were caught and preserved in sand and mud slides. Riverbed and shoreline dinosaur tracks, perhaps from the first days of the flood, in Texas, British Colombia, Europe and elsewhere quickly filled with sediment. The Mabul began slowly and the ground began to soften. The conditions were reminiscent of Yam Suf as the Egyptians became mired. Many of the top dinosaur fossil sites were formed when dinosaurs perished from the Mabul conditions. In addition to drowning the position of many dinosaurs may show signs of poisoning. It was believed the current washed them into fetal type positions. It could be the volcanic activity that Hashem used to orchestrate the Mabul also unleashed gases such as those that passed over Pompeii. This with the intense humidity may have been the cause. The Ark was thick wood, covered inside and out with pitch, perhaps submerged, and protected from a poisonous atmosphere.

Either way the evidence shows the Dinosaurs lived at least till the Mabul. So we have a minimum 1,656 year overlap of man with dinosaur. That is over 25% of mankind's existence. The 'Great Tenninim' Genesis 1:21 (dinosaurs, reptiles, etc.) were not taken on the Ark. Only those few types that could survive the flood with its catastrophic conditions and the subsequent change in environments had a chance. Change in climate, habitat, food supply, radiation poisoning, diseases, allergies, hunting, etc. caused additional extinction. No longer would dinosaurs dominate. A fossil exceeding the mass of a blue whale has yet to be found. Sauroposeidon at nearly 100 feet fits a description in the Book of Job.
T Rex soft tissue Photos provided by the journal Science show de mineralized fragments of tissues lining the marrow cavity of a Tyrannosaurus Rex femur. Paleontologist Kevin Padian UC Berkeley felt soft tissue as professor Mary Schweitzer NC State extracted from a Hell Creek Montana T-rex fossil. The full mineralization process or disintegration does not take 10,000 years never mind 68 million. Related article WSJ science journal March 25 '5. Smoking gun evidence of recent dinosaur existence and  the era of dinosaur overlapped with humans.

After the flood all the remaining species branched out. Many species made it to the Americas and Australia before glacial melt rose water levels splitting continents by Peleg's death. Post flood elephants, giant sloth and lions made it to America. Anteaters formally found in Europe made it all the way to South America, as did llamas (a breed of and Edenic letter reversal of camel). Often animals are different breeds of the same base species found elsewhere. Some migrating sloth, tapir, and llama, ancestors became stuck in the La Brea tar pits on their Journey from the Ark to South America. Island pygmy mammoths off the coast of California are from migrating mammoths in the area before rising ocean levels.

Neanderthals had medical care as they have the same rate of healed crippling wounds, from mammoth hunting or the like, as rodeo riders. Neanderthals 'coexisted with modern humans in central Europe for over a thousand years'. Mammoths extinct just 3,500 years, provided oil and other useful materials. The reason we may have gone east after the flood was to follow the mammoth migration as native americans would buffalo. Did Nimrod prove himself hunting mammoth in what is now Michigan? Accompanying some hunters were canines. Dingo's are from a single pregnant female canine, around the time we were in the East. Genetic testing of neighboring chipmunk populations also shows a split from the ice age. If the ice age lasted so long and was so long ago the populations should overlap.

The La Brea tar pits have thousands of ice age mammal fossils. Some mammals like raccoons are notably absent because not every species leaving the ark followed the same migration route and speed. Still if the pits were active thirty thousand not three thousand years there should be raccoon and more of other type of remains. The only human fossil therein was determined to have been from after the mammoth era. Western science teaches humans and reptiles coexisted with mammoths here for thousands of years. Humans and mammoths are more likely to share the same habitat then Man and Dinosaur. Post Mabul there was less suitable habitat, a faster reproductive rate, and shorter life spans. In the linked report we see ape and human fossils do not endure wet conditions well so only a few teeth were enough to establish the first chimps coexisted with man. The absence of reptile fossils in the pits also proves if mammal bones not found with dinosaur bones it does not mean they did not coexist. So no one in good conscience can argue absence of human and dinosaur bones together means we did not coexist.

12) A Change in Atmosphere, Pre Mabul the Atmosphere was Different (Ibn Ezra and Abarvenel):

Hydrocarbons, Quinones, clouds and gases may have acted as ultraviolet shields before the Ozone layer.92   Other important factors altering our environment were changes in the new position and height of the continents, ocean circulation, carbon dioxide levels, planetary tilt, and distance to sun. Chandler Wobble, 'caused by changing air and water pressure' in no longer symmetrical planet.92.5   The speed of light may have been different.93   It was a single continent (Gen.1:9). 'Adam could see to the ends of the earth'. Adam was of special stature before sinning and the light of day one was concealed (Chagiga 12a). Enveloping the earth were the reflective 'upper waters'. This could explain seeing to the opposite side. The early thicker atmosphere effected vision- for instance the ocean may have appeared green instead of blue. If it means to the end of all earth's lands they did not reach the poles, as there is more surface water than land and the mountains had not yet risen to obstruct the view. It might help to think of a northern summer when you can see the sun about to rise before it sets. The atmosphere magnifies, that is why the sun and moon look larger when on the horizon. A thicker atmosphere may magnify more. Think of sounds that reach further through water then air. There were thick clouds when we saw the thunder at Sinai. Adam would have had nice pollution free viewing angles through a thick atmosphere from Jerusalem. Today's seven continents were one and Jerusalem was its center94   and high point. One can still see from the Mediterranean to the Dead Sea from there. Hashem has fine control over rapid mountain uplift and related power of splitting continents. No mention of mountains or isles of the sea are made prior to Mabul. The mountain ranges had not yet formed.93.5   The recent ice age has been attributed to the uplift of mountains. Weathering of silicate rock, Stuchin 87, shows a sudden shift from a warm global climate to that of today at a time that links the Tibetan plateau and Himalayan uplifts and ice age to be linked to the Mabul. Mountain position and content continues to impact our atmosphere. It was postulated mountain ranges kept Dinosaurs out of British Columbia. Now that tracks were found there107.13   formed in conditions consistent with the Mabul we can deduct those mountain ranges did not exist till after the flood began. Other ranges are likely to have been formed the same time around 4,100 years ago. Metamorphic rocks are igneous or sedimentary rocks changed by intense heat and pressure. Swirling fluids were present as rubies formed when India and Asia collided shows the Mabul coincided with sudden mountain uplift.

Death Valley averages less then 2 inches of rain per year. Four major mountain ranges compound the "rainshadow" effect depleting clouds coming off the pacific of moisture. Yet less then 9000 years ago there was plentiful precipitation. Does the national park service think the public is stupid to accept the claim the continental split occurred and these mountains formed over 5 million years ago and somehow it just stopped raining now? On average Death Valley is the hottest place in the world. Less then 4,000 years ago a 30 foot lake evaporated. In this climate and terrain a few years could evaporate that. If its from the ice age we can be honest and admit the ice age ended less then 4200 years ago. Before that the area was covered by a salt water ocean which only corroborates the worldwide Mabul of Noah. Be they naive, brainwashed or dishonest to misdate events thousands and millions of years the result is an education system in and out of the classroom that defrauds the public.

Continents had not yet split before the flood as all species were able to come to the ark. In just one year during the course of the flood mountains had formed: the Ark came to rest on Mount Ararat. Eight centuries later during the forty years in the wilderness Hashem used the clouds of glory to rapidly flatten mountains and raise ravines for Israel(Numbers 10:24, Rashi). A final proof Ezekiel 38:20 and Zechariah 14:10 will be when Hashem swiftly level mountains and raises Jerusalem. Surrounding the landmass was the one big ocean. Ocean circulation must have been different before continental split. Ocean circulation plays an important role in today's global weather. Post Mabul increases in methane, a greenhouse gas, released from hydrate deposits has been measured. 'Scientists found a striking increase in the lighter carbon 12 isotope in the preserved shells of microscopic creatures that survived the heat spell' during the Mabul. The extinction peak coincides with significant shift in carbon isotope ratios.94.5   Pre Mabul plant life was different as changes in atmosphere effect plants. The healthier vegetation was expected to be mans diet and explains why such a high ratio of dinosaurs were herbivorous. In Gan Eden the trees themselves were edible. Plant life that grows only shielded from the sun, now found only under the rain forest canopy, was all over.95   This can explain if gymnosperms preceded angiosperms. Flowering plants are affected by the sun. The Antarctic land mass had trees. There was only a small temperature difference from the equator to the north and south poles. There was enough wood left around Egypt for all the brick making and sacrifices. The Sahara, Australian, Western N. America, and other desserts, were lush. This is the true timing of the 'Eocene period'. A thicker moister atmosphere kept comfortable warmth wrapped around the earth like a blanket. UV radiation is unable to penetrate past a few millimeters of water. The fountain of youth myth might be based on the moister atmosphere fed by the stream from Eden. Today a slow pace of life can be found at the depths of the ocean floor. Arctic octopuses have a life span 6 times breeds more affected by the sun. Even a completely protected living space will be compromised to the extent the food chain is exposed. Shielding from Low-frequency electromagnetic radio waves from the sun, a form of radiation less energetic then visible light, effects cell growth.(Naturwissenschaften 92: 115-20,'5) A more recent example of a healthier atmosphere was the 'Clouds of Glory' that Hashem used to protect Israel from the elements for 40 years in the Midbar, where 'clothes did not wear out'. Manna was made available. We did not need meat. Moses retained his full vigor till 120. Sarah and Rebecca also merited the divine presence. Till 127 Sarah retained her full childhood beauty. Her early difficulty conceiving could be compared to pre flood fertility as her tent had that healthy atmosphere. Post Mabul Hashem used the first recorded rainbow as a warning to mankind. Mishna Avot implies it is the first. Pre Mabul there is no proof or evidence of rainbows in clouds! Even those with no direct tradition, who deferred to the science of the day, would concede the absence of rainbows in clouds would prove a different atmosphere. The atmosphere bends light so in a thicker atmosphere light would fare differently. Those scientists had neither today's advanced instruments, nor Chazal's traditions. The rainbow reminds us of the harmful radiation sin caused in our atmosphere. 'Researchers found a sharp shift in organic carbon levels at precisely the point in time the TJ extinction occurred.'93.6 A sample air bubble from amber shows an oxygen level double our current level. Pre Mabul Life spans were much longer (Ramban, Gen. 5:4), maturity rates slower, as early human skeleton remains corroborate.86   'Living Dinosaur' fossils such as great white sharks, alligators, Komodo dragons, condors, etc. grew to twice the size of today. Humans averaged 30% larger. Our vestigial wisdom teeth support this. Noah was bigger and his arms length longer.94.3   The absence of harmful radiation pre Mabul allowed for sustained growth. We will see later most caves and ice age from flood on. Ice age animals were still growing bigger. Monkey bones from the longest cave in the Southern Hemisphere are twice the size of the same species today.94.1   Bears, lions, wolves, camels and bison had bigger versions of modern day counterparts. Radiation's gradual buildup post flood gradually reduced growth. The 'gradual' buildup of radiation post Mabul is the most likely manner Hashem gradually cut life spans (Genesis 6:3) from 1000 to 120.98   Diet was affected by the radiation build. A gradual degradation of our DNA and cell regeneration resulted. The radiation build up triggered the molecular mechanism causing cells to proliferate and die much faster than had been normal. Without realizing it we suffer from rapid aging much like the genetic disorder progeria. The average life span now is to what it was pre flood, as the progeria patient age span is to our average. Hashem also gave the 120 year span from the time of the decision until the flood as fair warning. Those just born would not be short changed. To eradicate cancer we need only obey Hashem so a superior atmosphere can be reinstated. Modern body types found near Neanderthal remains could be second and third generation of the Neanderthals who lived longer and whose lives overlapped several generations of their offspring born into the radiation buildup. Post Babel wars, some mentioned in the Bible, wiped out the remaining giants. Another variable affecting growth can be home size. Only a small percentage of the Earth is readily inhabitable. The original habitable area was many times larger than the largest pocket today. Identical salmon yearlings, one goes to the pacific the other stays upstream and is already close to its fully mature size. Ten times the size, with features never developed by his twins, on return from the pacific the reunion is just one of many instances proving environment can influence size and reproductive capacity. The change in atmosphere and degraded DNA can be linked to spiritual causes. An alert to introspect, prepare for a successor, be tested or atone is the silver lining of illness with us from the era of Jacob. Early nature and its location provide a clue as to the prior atmosphere and shape of the Earth. Evidence of changes in the magnetic poles, a shifted equator, and planetary tilt,96   corroborate that 'the Earth was created round' (Chazal).99   A rounder earth may have been able to sustain a greater protective cloud or gas layer. Its magnetic field could better deflect deadly cosmic radiation and ionization. With our earth tilted now, distance to the sun fluctuates more and confirms our premise of a change in atmosphere.

13) The Mabul, ice age then separation of the continents:

The root of Mabul is Babel (Rashi). This could refer to the mixing of the upper and lower waters separated at the first days of creation (Genesis 1:2-9, 6:7, 7:8). The Creator did not close 'all' the 'arubot' and the water was 'spent' from the atmosphere (Gen. 8:2, 7:11 -20, 9:12 -15). Water to completely curtain the earth was in the pre-flood atmosphere, enough for 40 days and nights of rain. That the waters continued to rise indicates it was not just a simple rain fed by evaporation. This water may be the base of the polar ice, and some mountain top glaciers today. There is ample evidence of a Mabul with surging waters. Many mountain ranges were formed during the Mabul. The waters had enough centripetal force to lap over the highest mountains. When it says Hashem opened the fountains of the deep it could be referring to more than water. Some of the water was boiling (R.H.12a). A lava flow reached four continents it was recently determined. There is a 'Ring of Fire' a chain of underwater volcanoes across the Pacific and the Andes mountains. This contributed to a sharp rise in temperatures. Hurricane, asteroids, comet 89.5 , meteors, earthquakes, mudslides, melting ice, Siberian basalt traps and volcanic eruptions, etc. were orchestrated by Hashem to create tsunami, continental split and mountain building. Plate Tectonic theory shows how they interrelate. An ordinary tidal wave travels 300 MPH, an earthquake at 1000+ MPH. The flood waters reached the highest speed possible. The force facilitated continental shift, forming the mid-oceanic ridge, Nile rift and more. Grand canyons and mountain chains formed in days. The pressure altered the globe; see 'Terra' program Los Alamos Research Center . The highest mountains between the Andes and Himalayas in New Guinea were pushed up from the ocean floor. Scientists found the December 26, 2004 quake and tsunami caused dramatic plate movement and island shift. The laws of inertia prove the Mabul which lasted months was fully capable of continental split. The build up and melting of Glaciers could also have 'tilted' the earth.107.12   Distant glacial remnants of carbon free blue ice are similar to that found in the arctic. Mature Sequoia trees survive forest fires and have the size specified for the Ark. The 50 amah (1 amah = 20+- inch) pole, the ten sons of Haman were hung from one above the next, was a single piece of wood from the ark, Chazal on Book of Ester. There is evidence of extinct Mid-East redwood forest. The surveying and engineering expertise used to build the Ark were later used to build the pyramids and other ancient wonders built around the globe by Noah's descendents. These marvels are proof Noah had the ability to have built the Ark to complete its mission. Hashem could have protected the ark in the eye of a hurricane equivalent. No rain over the ocean or Jerusalem would locate Jerusalem as the center of the one land mass. The Mabul continued to surge, reaching the peaking after 150 days beyond the 40 days of rains. The 'ice age' was the result. Any prior ice ages could be from the first days of Creation when the 'Divine presence hovered upon the surface of the water (ice?)'. Each surge or subsequent seasonal changes could account for any evidence of repeated glacial advance and retreat. The seasons were instated (or reinstated) (Genesis 9:22). Glacial speed can be greatly altered by changes in precipitation and or temperature. Precipitation from the Mabul turned glacier receded quickly during summer seasons. Ice dams melted releasing massive quantities of freshwater. One blanketed the Labrador Sea. This caused a 5-8 degree Multiyear-year temperature drop. Ice build-ups left much of the continental shelves above water, a thousand mile wide land bridge connected Asia by Alaska, likely routes of early American visitors. Colonies of sea life became stranded in receding waters isolated from the oceans as mountain ranges formed. Fresh water lakes formed from underground springs, melting glaciers, snow and fresh rains. Niagara Falls, which has its own signature dating method, is accepted as about 4,000 years old. Dwarfing Niagara the dry falls in Coulee Washington from waters backed up by ice dams over Missoula Montana had 10x the power of all the earth's rivers combined. Though ridiculed for decades by gradualists, geologist J. Harlan Bretz was proven correct that flood shaped the landscape suddenly. One reason for ancient man made mounds would have been to survive the flash flood aftershocks of the Mabul. Ancient written flood accounts relate to the Mabul or its aftershocks when ice dams broke. If writing has been with us for only 5,000 years and ocean levels rose as a result of the aftershocks, the continents separated within the past 5,000 years. Antarctica of all 7 continents, is the coldest, has 90% of the fresh water, and has the precipitation level of the Sahara desert. More water remains from the Mabul as it is the coldest continent. The amount of water would be much less then 90% if more then 4,500 years elapsed, as precipitation does not match water loss rate. Dormant bacteria under an Antarctic ice lake dated just 2,800 years.107.1   It was not easy reinstating a balanced eco system post flood. Hunting and a 'Rapid cycling at the end of the ice age changed plant distribution herbivorous creatures depended on' led to extinction of many of these animals and their predators. The continents separated during the life of Peleg(Gen: 10:25 ). The melting glaciers raised ocean levels and the globe approximated its present state thus ending the 'ice age'. The 'ocean circulation pumps' by Iceland and Greenland are critical and sensitive to climate. They could have had many cycles during the 340-year period from flood to Babel. 'Peleg' means 'split' his passing on also coincided with the 'Babel' dispersion. Forbidden relationships angered Hashem and contributed to the Mabul. Extra-min offspring were not all fertile, as mules. Those hybrids were not taken in the ark and may account for some extinct life forms.107.2   The 'Great Tenninim' also missed the boat. Many types of Dinosaurs to sea floor sediment dwelling single-celled organisms, and other life like giant ammonite shellfish, perished en masse. Fish were spared.107.4   The April 27 '99 proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences concluded humans had a recent brush with extinction based on mitochondrial DNA sequences and few genetic variations amongst us today. On the 17th of Cheshvan 1656 years after creation the Mabul began. Noah his wife, three sons, daughters in law, and Og survived. After coming back from the lands of the east the people gathered in the Shinar = Sumer = Iraq. They were there(Sham)to build(Nivneh) a city(Ayin Yod Reish) whose head (Rosh) would reach the heavens, Shinar is spelt Shin Nun, Ayin Reish. 340 years after the Mabul 70 Nations and languages dispersed from one (Edenic)due to the confusion Hashem caused at the Tower of Babel. Construction techniques used for the Tower of Babel were learned during the hundred years it took to build the ark. Noah and his sons had plenty of time to teach the engineering and survey techniques used to build the Ark to their descendents. From there Ziggurats, Temples, Pyramids, Walls, cities and other well engineered brick, wood and or stone structures were built around the world in Egypt, Sudan, Israel, Great Britain, mainland Europe, Guatemala, Peru, China, and more. Other practices also show dispersal from common backgrounds: Sacrifice, mummification and or burial for an afterlife, astronomical calendar systems, etc. were done across the globe. The most recent immigration of human civilization was 'out of Babel'.108  A few of these families could have easily returned to some of their recent hunting grounds to the far far east in the Americas. The hundreds of Native American dialects stem from just three base languages. They could be three of the seventy from Babel or a blend or branch. It may turn out Atlantis was at Crete which was founded at about the same time as Cypress by brothers Elishah (Kittim)and Tarshish sons of Yavan (Greece) son of Japeth son of Noah. So King Minas may have been connected to the sophisticated island city at Crete. Did he not, like Atlantis allegedly, confront Athens? Was Atlantis Tarshish? It would have been destroyed as a result of a volcanic eruption such as Santorini perhaps causing the storm Jonah encountered on the way to Tarshish. I believe an ancient mural depicting an Island city, some believe to be Egyptian port Avaris is actually Tarshish/Atlantis. Compare the painting to that of the picture based on Homers Atlantis. A mural shows the Eruv Rav departing Egypt by boat for Minoan territory after Yam Suf. The Mycenae Grave Stele depicts Moses with staff and the drowning of the pursuing Egyptian army at Yam Suf.

There is residue of tobacco and cocoa plants found only in the Americas and Eastern Asian silk in ancient Egypt mummies. King Solomon had banana plants in the royal gardens.36   Using stars and wood canoes Polynesians navigated Pacific Ocean crossings. The memory of Earth's landmass was fresh. Accurate ancient maps of the Antarctic landmass now exist that can only be mapped with modern technology now that under ice. It used to be connected to Australia and if attached to South Africa would help locate precious mineral deposits, or perhaps Gan Eden. The people on average were stronger and smarter. Again we benefit from cumulative knowledge. Ponder the remarkable design/prowess of the Aleut Kayak/er.109   It is no wonder there were ancient global trade routes. Most caves and tar pits formed during or after the Mabul. Conditions could have formed caves at avalanche or earthquake speed. Stalactites and stalagmites could have formed in months or days like icicles do. If dinosaurs perished in the flood it explains why no dinosaurs lived in caves or were trapped in the La Brea tar pits. Evidence of Dinosaurs washed up by flood confirms they lived until flood. A French cave was formed by flood conditions. So was a cave with the remnants of several Indonesian Neanderthal Island Dwarfs. They hunted reptiles 5 times their size. They are rumored to have lived until the Dutch arrival. So far though the physical evidence can only account for hundreds, not thousands, years of settlement. These show Neanderthal lived after the flood. Cave art also appears from the ice age on which we have shown to be post flood. There is an opinion two warning floods affected a third of the Earth each before The Mabul. Many other cultures have folk law and other records that also support the Flood and or its aftershocks from breaking ice dams. Ancient cuneiform tablets recount the Mabul. The Sumerians thought to be the first literate inhabitants of Mesopotamia call Noah Ziusudra. In the Old Babylonian version he is called Atrahasis, Utnapishtim who is met in person in the Standard epic of Gilgamesh (the fifth king of Urak by Ur Kasdim). He seeks a fountain of youth, perhaps the tree of life in Gan Eden, as longevity was diminishing. More written records endure from that era than any time till the advent of the printing press. The great majority of the million or so known tablets wait deciphering. The Chinese year links to Noah's 2704BCE birth year. Hindu considered by some to be the oldest religion starts with the flood. It replaces idol Krishna for Noah to save the living things. January stands for Janus (yayin = wine) who was Noah, before becoming idol in ancient Greek or Roman legend. Noah tried to atone for the original sin with yayin and looked back and forward to bridge the eras(BritAm). Noah built an alter and made offerings to Hashem from all the kosher species he had been commanded to take seven of onto the ark. Is it any wonder Hindu venerates the cow as Egypt did the Bull the alpha kosher animal? The name Pharaoh which derives from the Edonic Pheh Reish having been considered the human manifestation of the bull god/idol/force of nature. Did Bilam pick the number seven by coincidence when trying to help Balak undermine Israel? When offering bulls and lambs was Bilam unaware Israel had recently found favor with Hashem with (Pascal) lambs offerings? He would also be aware of 7 bulls and 7 rams prescribed offering at the end of Sefer Iyov(Book of Job).

We have seen how scientific fact is consistent with the Torah account time line of the Mabul, continental split and ice age. Now we will see how the Torah time line is the benchmark for accuracy in recorded history.

14) Ancient Egypt, Israel, and Mesopotamian Dates.

The Torah dating taken in context of all references and Chazal commentary is the true timing. Some of the factors for accurate reconciliation of Torah dating are:

There can be varying views consistent with Torah of who we consider the relevant ruler, how to match up that ruler with the secular list, or how many different rulers there were in a fixed set of years. For example see commentators on Ezra 6:14.

Since the Persians adopted the Jewish 19 year cycle their months were in line with the Hebrew months. See Tractate Rosh Hashanah study guide Torah Lishma Institute.

There are many more solid reference points, checks and balances to the Jewish time line where even a one year discrepancy will be examined and reconciled. At least three independent transcripts: Kings, Chronicles and the Prophets with many interacting personalities: 15 Judges of Israel, Kings of Judea and Kings of Israel, High Priests, 48 Prophets, Generals, Foreign Rulers and more. Our dedication to the preservation without alteration and public promulgation of the original 24 books is well know and verified by such discoveries as the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Academic dating of the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamian Kings does not always consider:

All these can lead to disparity between actual VS. academic dating.

The Ipuwer Papyrus recounts from an Egyptian perspective the effects the ten plagues and loss of the army (at the closing of the sea) had on Egypt. Perhaps more significant it implicitly contracts the time gap between the old and mid kingdoms.

We know there were ten generations from Adam to Noah years 1-1056. Another ten generations years 1056-1948 from Noah to Abraham. From Adam through Tzidkiahu 1-3338 we know the name of each person, their son, their dates of birth, how old they were when their son was born in an unbroken time line. Often we know the names plus more of tens of their contemporaries, corresponding events along with names of places. From Jacob we have a 12 column lineage starting in Haran, through the remaining years in Egypt, the 40 years in the Midbar and return into the land with Joshua.

The Mabul was in year 1656, Birth of Abraham 1948, Dispersion at Babel 1996. The covenant between the parts was 22 years later.

From the year 2018 covenant between the parts between Hashem and Abraham it was 30 years till the birth of Isaac. It was 400 years from the birth of Isaac till the Exodus in 2448. We know from it was 480 years from the Exodus when King Solomon constructed the Holy Temple in 2928. The scriptural timeline adds 480 and is spelled out in Kings I Chapter 6. It was another 410 years with the holy Temple when Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the 410 year old Holy Temple in 3338. Every year on the 17th of Tammuz till the 9th of Av we recall this loss. Kings 1 and 2, Chronicles 1 and 2 record enough about the Kings of Judea, the kings of the 10 Tribes of Israel, Prophets, and Cohanim to pinpoint and corroborate the time span. We know it was 18 Years from when Nebuchadnezzar began the exile of Judah during Reign of Yehoiachin in 3320 till destroying the Holy Temple destroyed in 3338.

It was 70 years from the exile in 3320 till the start of the return of the children of Israel by the decree of Cyrus the Great in 3390.

It was 70 Years from the destruction in 3338 till the resumption of the Holy Temple II construction in 3408 under Darius (II)the Persian. It would be 420 years till 70CE (3828) when Vespasian's Romans destroyed Temple II by which point Academics generally know the accurate year.

Nebuchadnezzar and his children would reign 70 years (Jeremiah 29:10) 3319 till 3389. Nebuchadnezzar started his first year with the destruction of Nineveh. Nebuchadnezzar also had a 7 year (corresponding to years Solomon took to build Holy Temple Nebuchadnezzar destroyed) time out when his son Evil Merodach stepped in (Daniel 4:22). That Darius the Mede was born the year Nebuchadnezzar entered the sanctuary 62 years before he wrested control from Babylonian rule in 3389. A year later in 3390 under Cyrus was 52 years from the 3338 destruction and 18 years before the construction resumption in 3408. We know it was 34 Years later when in 3442 Alexander the Great wrested control from the Persians. Then 180 years till 3622 Chasmonei revolt and Chanukah. Setting the stage the same year for Rome's dominion of Greece.

400 Years was a important benchmark in Egyptian history. Like 70 years in Bavel. Belshazzar miscalculated when the 70 years began. When the end of Babel or the Jewish redemption did not occur when expected he thought Hashem had forsaken the Children of Israel or was powerless. He held a celebration breaking out the holy vessels from the Holy Temple. The handwriting on the wall as interpreted by Daniel proved deadly accurate. The end was at hand for the Babylonian empire and redemption at hand for Israel.

In Egypt too some miscalculated by up to 30 years when that 400 year exile began. Thinking the 400 years was complete part of the tribe of Ephraim or Menasheh made an unsuccessful attempt to return to Israel. If Rameses II lived before the redemption his 400 year anniversary Stele was no doubt celebrating prematurely like Belshazzar that Hashem had forsaken Israel or powerless to keep His word. This would explain why no record of a 100, 200 or 300 year celebration. The covenant between the parts happened shortly after Abraham beat the 4 kings, another period and group of foreign (Hyksos) rule over Egypt. As Saul did about 865 years later, Abraham saved Egypt from a period of Hyksos rule. It is easy to make a connection to a reference as the 'One' in the Stele as referring to Abraham the Ivri. Avraham who proclaimed One and only One Creator and manager of the universe., Abraham who alone was saved from the furnace of Ur casdim, Abraham whose family alone spoke Edonic Hebrew post Babel. As it turned out we were redeemed at the Exodus 400 years to the day at the promised time. In hindsight we know the 400 year exile of Abraham's descendents began with the birth of the relevant line of offspring.  It was 400 years from the birth of Isaac, 430 years from the covenant between the parts which was 30 years before the birth of Isaac. By the Exodus the 400 year period became common knowledge.

While from the Torah account we know exactly when where why and how the 400 year term till the Exodus and 480 year term from the Exodus the Stele of the Era of 400 years is the longest such Egyptian span. The end point is Rameses II the son of Seti the great. Many believe the start point is to be Egyptian independence from Hyksos rule. The Stele does not detail what transpired during those 400 years. We can use the Torah account to understand what triggered the start of, and what was happening during, those 400 years. If the start point is the Ahmose/Khamose Egyptian relief from the Amalekite Hyksos. In the last paragraph we made the case if it is the 4 King Hyksos due to Abraham's victory. If it was the Amalekite Hyksos under King Apop (Agog) the 'One' would be King Saul 2882 and 2884. Why they fail to name King Saul in this case or other disliked kings in other cases, may be compared to why hostile Arab regimes omit the name of the State of Israel from maps today. The use of the word 'One' may be related to Saul and Israel worshipping only the One G-d. This was at the time of the Prophet Samuel. 400 years later King Josiah (Yoshiahu)ruled from 3285 to 3316, a contemporary of Necho II. Necho II (who can also be called two nachos) could be the Greek name for Rameses II. So 400 years of Egyptian independence, as a result of King Saul's decimating the Amalekite Hyksos, would be during the reign of Rameses II. Of interest at the time of Saul's reign we see an Amalekite had an Egyptian slave. David killed another 200 Amalekite. The Hittites and Egyptians both had serious armies well past the reign of King Solomon (Kings II 7:6). So Rameses II dealings with Hittie consistent with time of Necho II.

Two theories that are in between:

Rameses II has also been claimed to be Shishak who interacted with the first kings of the split kingdom of Judea and the 10 tribes after Solomon. This would have been only 100 years from the victory of King Saul over Hyksos king Apop.

Some believe the term Hyksos applies to the children of Israel.

That so much record of Rameses II remains tends to support the Rameses is Necho II theory and is more recent then Shishak.

Yoshiahu was a righteous King. While the Assyrians met their end due to their going against Israel they were right in warning us not to rely on the 'broken reed' that is Egypt. When leaned on a broken reed will cut. Instead of being grateful for Israel taking out their Assyrian enemy it was soon 'what did you do for me lately'. Just as Rome did after Israel stopped the Hellenistic Syrian Greeks, Egypt turned on their benefactors with the murder of Yoshiahu at Meggido. It would not be long before Hashem exercised judgment on those Egyptians at the Battle of Carchemish.

Some other Stelae of interest are the famine stele telling of the '7 year' famine thought to during the tenure of Djoser. Of course it may have been know as the 7 year famine even though it only lasted till the arrival of Jacob due to the dream of pharaoh and interpretation and preparations by Joseph. Or it could the remaining years of famine were delayed till after the Exodus.

The Magical stele tells of the serpent demon apophis an enemy of the sun false deity rah. That would give added significance to the staff to serpent sign Hashem had Moshe demonstrate to Pharaoh.

The Mesha stele tells of Mesha King of Moab around the time of kings Asa (2984- 3025)and Yehoshaphat (3025-3049) Yehoram (3049-3054)of Judea and king Omri (3010-3021), his son Achav (3021-3042) and his sons Achaziah (3042-3043) and Yehoram (3043-3055)of Israel. Moab was born from Lot and his younger daughter after being rescued by Hashem from Sodom. The Stele is thought to refer to the Dynasty of King David, a bit over 100 years had passed since the time of King David (2884-2924). King Mesha also claims (the Israelite tribe of) Gad had been there forever. 500 years in the Moabite history records was forever. Around 300 years after the Tribe of Gad was allocated their land on the east bank of the Jordan river by Moses the Book of Ruth transpires.

The Tel Dan Stele reference to the Dynasty of King David is even more widely accepted.

After the first pyramids from the time of Joseph later pyramids had straw based mud bricks(Exodus 5:7) on the inside, exteriors were to be stone. See James K. Hoffmeier's 'out of Egypt' Biblical Archaeology review Jan '07. It pictures a tomb of Rekmire visor of Thutmose III wall paintings. They show the brick making using straw process, with overseer rod and all. Also Kenneth Kitchen's 'From the brick fields of Egypt'. The Exodus left many unfinished till today. Calibrated C-14 dates on mud bricks and layers of the Amenemhet 1 pyramid core test over 800 younger than the presumed end of his reign, 1959BCE.127   This closes much of the 1000-year gap between the start of the western chronology 3150BCE and post Mabul history from 2104BCE. Much C-14 pyramid dating is of reused wood and charcoal we used to bake the bricks, which only shows when the wood stopped growing. Older cultural material use for expedience or authenticity was common. Certain pollution enables chemical reactions that shield the atmosphere. Edward Teller of Nuclear fame has proposed capitalizing on this economical alternative to emission control. We were refined as a nation in 'The Iron furnace of Egypt'. The tremendous amount of smoke from the brick making fires and smelters likely caused low isotope levels in local straw whose C-14 dated age would be exaggerated. Pre-Exodus the radiation buildup was still in progress as life spans still exceeded 120; again unadjusted dating would overstate age results. During Peleg's life ended the year of the Dispersion of Babel, 1996, the continents separated and Earth's axis was stabilizing. So either astronomical assumptions western science uses to date early ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia need adjustment or academics are looking so many years off the mark they fail to consider more recent astronomical events as relevant. The logical fallacy of circular reasoning comes to play when Mesopotamian and Egyptian dates are calibrated. Correspondence or engagement by some Mesopotamian rulers to their inaccurately dated Egyptian Pharaoh contemporaries and visa versa leads to faulty dating in both.

Looking for evidence of the Exodus when you are off by hundreds of years is like looking for evidence of Columbus sailing in the 20th century so don't conclude he did not sail if you do not find evidence in the wrong place. See James Long's work the 'Riddle of the Exodus', Lightcatcher books for compelling archeological evidence backing the Torah account and timeline with our bondage placed during the old kingdom. Another finding of this work is Joseph designed the stepped pyramid, one of the first. The proportion of time elapsed from the founding of Egypt till pyramid construction began correlates nicely with this.

Noah had three sons Shem, Ham (teacher of? Hamurabi = Ham Who is my Rabbi) and Yaphet. The Mabul was in 1656. The dispersion from Bavel in 1996. If Ham founded Hebron right away for his son Canaan, we know seven years later he founded Zoan (Tanis?) the first capital of Egypt no sooner then 2003, for another son Mitzrayim. Mitzrayim is the name used in Bible for Egypt. Of seventy distinct peoples worldwide Mitzrayim's seven sons and their heirs were major players in Ancient Egypt's formation. We know Egypt was up and running during a period of famine when Abraham visited 44 years before the birth of Isaac and four king conquest of Egypt. So Egypt had just been founded prior to that visit. It is safe to say Abraham who left with great wealth was also a major early developer there. Abraham's sojourn and legacy in Egypt likely left the recently discovered earliest known alphabetic inscriptions. Like Rashi we often reserved the original Edenic Chumash script for the most sanctified uses, leading experts to mistakenly believe the later scripts came first. Ever is a great grandson of Shem(source of 'semite'). Of Ever's surviving descendants only Avraham the 'Ivri' spoke 'Ivri'(Hebrew) the others spoke Aramaic and were called Arameans (Radak). The source of Ivri can be the name Ever, or Avraham came from across 'over' the river, or by independent thinking and refusal to follow a majority to evil Avraham stood 'opposed' to prevalent idol worship theory of the time. Isaac was born 2048 400 years before the Exodus. The covenant between the parts was in 2018 thirty years earlier and just after the defeat of the 4 'Hyksos' kings by Avraham. Nimrod is Amrafel, perhaps also known as Hamurabi. Of the 4 academic ranges for Hamurabi 2018 dates smack in the middle between the very low/low and mid/high range. The Hyksos kings established rule 14 years prior in 2004. Zoan would later be the Hyksos capital and is in the area near Rameses and Goshen. An early 'Hyksos' dynasty is likely linked to the four kings including the mighty Nimrod (Amrafel)from Babel and Elam son of Shem (Chedorlaomer) ruler of Elam. Josephus connects the 'Hyksos' period to the Children of israel sometime between Joseph and Moses. Hyksos could also refer to Amalekite's who were descended from a Ishmael and Esav. Some think Hyksos introduced the chariot to Egypt. We know Egypt had chariots by the Exodus, perhaps losing them all and having them reintroduced later by the Amalekite Hyksos. After we beat the Amalekite's in the midbar when Moses raised his arm toward Hashem the Amalekite's looked for an easier target. They took over Egypt till King Saul defeated Agog (Apop)in 2882 434 years after the Exodus. There may have been a time gap after the Exodus till the Amalekite's took over Egypt and a few years after King Saul's victory till Egypt was rid of remaining Hyksos affiliated authority. So Hyksos may be a general term referring to several separate groups of foreign rulers in Egypt. The Egyptian term Hapiru may mean Hebrew, Shasu may relate to Jew.

Elam was the elder son of Shem(source of Semite)son of Noah. Nimrod was a grandson of Ham and was the first to use war to establish a world empire. They also subjugated Sodom whose revolt ended in failure. Lot's capture spurred Avraham to action. Avraham with his servant Eliezer of Damascus triumphed shortly before the 'Covenant between the Parts' in 2018. Year's earlier Nimrod had cast Avraham, and brother, Lot's father, into the furnace at the well-documented Mesopotamian City of Ur. This was for Avraham promoting allegiance to one Creator. This could interfere with Nimrod's ability to control people or upset free spirits, moral equivocators, and other religious establishments. Sodom eventually paid the penalty for sanctioning selfishness, etc. A crater near the southern end of the Dead Sea may be linked to the areas devastation in 2047, Genesis 19:23. Brimstone was scattered all over the area and is used to this day, as one would gather wood elsewhere for a camp fire, as fuel in that area.

Old kingdom Pepy II's reign of 94 years would confirm the longevity potential of the era. Some dispute that # and claim 65 years or so. Disbelieving longevity implied by historic accounts of some figures in Mesopotamian history causes academics to err. Records that include claims of reigns over a 1000 years are based on myth and relate to false gods that never ruled anything.

After the flood Noah offered sacrifices to Hashem at Jerusalem. Shem and his great grandson Ever, had a theological seminary in Jerusalem. Isaac studied there after the test of his sacrifice in 2085. Shortly after Avraham passed on in 2123 Esau the twelfth generation from Noah took vengeance by assassinating Nimrod. On his return Esau affirmed the birthright to Jacob over the lentil soup. Joseph descended to Egypt in 2216. His leadership along with the arrival of Jacob and 70 family members in 2238 enabled the period of greatest achievement in Egypt. Joseph's policies also benefited the priestly cast. Perhaps in foresight to keeping the tribe of Levy exempt from servitude. Later the tribe of Levi would stop the sin of the Golden Calf and replace the first born of Israel as the directors of Torah service and education. likewise today it is wise to exempt serious full time Yeshiva students from military duty, as their merit will protect the nation. It was the golden age for Egypt and Jews too until our bondage developed between 2332-2361.

Moshe was born in 2368. He left by age 40 and returned after the wonder of the burning bush at age 80. Some of the early exploits by Moses are noted in the Medrash. The Exodus was on the 15 of Nissan in year 2448. Seven weeks 'Shavuot' later we accepted and received Torah at Sinai. By the 24th of Kislev 2449 the Tabernacle was ready. Four hundred years after Joshua led the 12 tribes over the Jordan dry shod King David was reigning from Hebron than Jerusalem. In 2928 Ten years into King Solomon's reign the First Temple replaced the Tabernacle 480 years after the Exodus. For 410 years we performed the Temple service until 3338 when the 70-year count of exile to Babel commenced.

Western bible scholars misdate 165 years early the destruction of the first Temple, an error that carries past King David. The loss at Meggido by King Yoshiahu to Pharaoh Necho II was in 3316. Recent research confirms the Torah dating. Construction of the palaces and the famous gates of Meggido were during Solomon's rule 2924-2964. The 10 plagues, exodus in 2448 of the children of Israel with great wealth, accompanied by a mixed multitude of others, and drowning of pursuing Egyptian army in the sea, left Egypt drained economically and its influence in a downward spiral. Lands deforested for farming and brick making were made desert. This was a good time for the Amalekite who attacked and were repelled by Israel just weeks after the Exodus in 2448 to turn their attention to and eventually take over Egypt. It would be in 2882 that King Saul's great victory over Amalekite Hyksos King Agog (Apop) that would break the Hyksos grasp on Egypt.

Rameses II was not at either Kadesh in 1275 BCE (2485)just a few years before Joshua led the 12 Tribes across the Jordan on the 10th day of Nissan, 2488. Either it was about 30 years before the Exodus or if his reign as misdated as suspected Rameses II is Necho II about 865 Years later. Excavations at Jericho confirmed hands off booty policy there as grain bins were not plundered. The city of Ay we know Joshua burnt was determined to have endured an especially intense fire. The altar of Joshua(8:30)(reign 2488-2516)at Mount Eval is right there as recorded in scripture.

Bill T. Arnold points out while most papyrus records may have perished the parallels with the Babylonian empire give additional credence to Kings David (2884-2924) and Solomon (2924-2964) reigns unifying the tribes of Israel from Hebron then Jerusalem. It would be another 241 years till the exile of the ten tribes in 3205 by Sennacherib. This is 757 years after the Exodus. Egypt extended its grasp far north again but never attained the dominant position they had. It wasn't till after Hashem causes the downfall of Sennacherib on behalf of Israel under Judean King Hezekiah as foretold by Isaiah that Egypt would push north to the Euphrates River. Pharaoh Necho was able to contend against Assyria (Kings II 23:29). 103 years after the downfall of Sennacherib whose agents warned King Hezekiah not to rely on the 'splintered reed being Egypt' (kings II 18:21), Egypt like Rome later would, has already double crossed Israel. Hashem allows Pharaoh Necho to kill King Josiah at Har Meggido(Armageddon) and then to avenge the righteous King Josiah Hashem used Nebuchadnezzar to destroy the Egyptians in Carcemish (Jeremiah 46:10).

Chaladean is linked to Casdi related to Ur Casdim where Nimrod wronged Avram. Avraham's descendents Chanania, Mishael and Azariah (Daniel chapter 3) likewise were saved by Hashem from the furnace. Nebuchadnezzar came to fear Hashem. Ancient technology in China had terra cotta furnaces that operated at 2,000 degrees 7x normal. In Babel they had some massive 2 story furnaces that also were capable of great heat levels.

During 3389-3390 Darius 1 also realized an urgent heightened respect for Hashem after the miracle of Daniel in the lions den. In 3390 his son in law Coresh (Cyrus the Great) authorized the rebuilding of the Holy Temple. As today local gentile transplants were strongly opposed and work was delayed in 3393 coinciding with the Purim epic. After the reaffirmation of Torah covenant by the Jews in 3405 and measure for measure judgment on our enemies restoration efforts resumed and were completed 4 years later during the reign of Darius II, the son of Esther, in 3412. This seventy years span without the Temple service corresponded to 70 Sabbatical years we had previously failed to observe properly. Today Keren Hashivis .org is helping increase observance of this important commandment in the holy land. Iranian Jews often visit Susa (Shushan HaBira) the Persian capital city remains mentioned in the Megillah of Esther. Persians still pay reverence to Daniel at his Tomb. Most of the nations and cities mentioned in Tanach have also been identified, Edom, Bavel, Padan Aram, Ur, Haran, Hevron, Zoan, Shilo, Nineveh, Jericho, Shechem, etc. This period is the approximate timing of the Persian 'Late' period of Egypt Dynasties.

Just like we number the days of the week to testify to Creation and thank the Creator, and as we number the months from the spring month to testify and show gratitude for the Exodus so to we also use the Persian month names (Nissan, Iyar, Sivan ...) to recognize Hashem for ending that exile. Also because the Persians adopted our 19 year cycle for determining the months. Why do the months we use seem to number the months from the spring month when we 'March' ed out of Egypt Sept .-Dec. = 7 - 10 months? Does Tevet also mean ten or is ten from Tevet?

The hand writing on the wall signaled time was up for Belshazzar, as he disrespected our Holy vessels, at the end of the Babylonian empire. This ushered in the Persian empire. Ptolemy was right on with 75 years from the start of Nebuchadnezzar rule till the end of Cyrus the Great. It was only another 50 years till Alexander the Great. If you add Ptolemy reigns of Cabyses, Xerxes(Ahasuerus) and Darius II we get 50 years. Ptolemy places Darius I after instead of before Cyrus the Great where he should be. He also often counts years when vassals or concurrent rule. Other names are confused and might refer to another person and another name is at times the same person. By the time of Alexander academics are only off by about 13 years.

In 3442-3454 Alexander the Great beat Darius II expanding the Greek Empire. It ended 180 years later with the Chasmonei uprising that Chanukah commemorates with the wonder of the burning oil of 3622. The rise of the Roman Empire was the result. The Chasmonei dynasty were Cohanim not from the line of Judah and David. A reign of Israel by other then the seed of David will not endure. At some point they invited ally Rome to mediate internal disputes. 75 years later in 3697 Pompeii acts in perceived narrow self interest and conquers Jerusalem. 131 years later in 3828 the 420 year old Second Holy temple (Bayit Sheni)is destroyed. Wealth from the Holy Temple are used to fund the construction of the coliseum of Rome. Within a decade in 79 CE the Roman city named after Pompeii is destroyed by volcanic eruption.

The Creator expedited the exodus from Egypt. A demonstrative plague one week a month for most months with the final 3 in a 15 day span. taking the children of Israel from the depths of despair to exalted redemption. So is Hashem able to complete the redemption process speedily in our days. By the miraculous 6 day war in 5728, 1,900 years (100 19 year lunar cycles)after fall of Gamla and Bayit Sheni, Hashem returned the Golan and Temple Mount to Israel. Now 40 years later will new leadership emerge for good?

We have seen how factual science, archeology, history are most consistent with the Torah account and time line. Today it is not to late to take it to heart and comply with our respective covenant with the Creator.

15) The 'New' Light is the Original Light.

The title alludes to the 'new light' that will emanate from Zion in the Messianic era. While it may be a new light to many of us it is actually restoration of the original light from creation day one (Yaavetz). Torah is light (Proverbs 6:23 ). Torah study brings out that concealed light. The light of Torah completes unified theory. The Creator looked in the Torah and created the universe.

String theory like Torah has mathematical qualities. Both can not yet be proven by scientific method, top minds are dedicated to their study and they make sense. They reconcile quantum mechanics with Newtonian physics, a young universe with light from a 20 billion year distance, and the fossil record with a recent complex creation. The vibrating strands of energy that comprise all physical matter were set in motion and exist by the word of Hashem. In ten utterances Hashem arranged the four dimensional  universe during the first seven days. This light from day one Creation is not always concealed. Our awareness of and the affect of the light depends on how worthy we are. This is similar to the more we prepare in this life the more we will be able to appreciate gazing on the Divine Presence in the afterlife.

Light and sound are related. We saw the thunder at Sinai. The sound of ram horns accompanied the sinking walls of Jericho. We must guard our speech. Say a little do a lot. We are as good as our word. Our prayers and cries are monitored. The Creator may fulfill careless words with unintended consequences as with Jacob and Rachel. The Chofetz Chaim heritage foundation teaches rules governing speech. Adam and Eve had the light in Gan Eden. The righteous Noah had the light in the ark. With one exception the atmosphere of coexistence therein was as the Messianic one. The fire at Ur could not burn Abram. At the covenant the Light passed between the parts for Abram (Genesis 15:17 ). The men at the door of Lot were blinded and Lot's wife died via the light. Abraham and Isaac saw the light over Mount Moriah from a distance. The tents of the Sarah and Rebecca were covered by the cloud of light, the lamp lasted all week, and the dough was blessed (Rashi, Gen. 24:67). Isaac reaped 100 fold. The burning bush that was not consumed also radiated from the divine light. The Egyptians were paralyzed in darkness but all Sons of Israel had light. The cloud of light was an instrument at the splitting of the sea and in the destruction of the pursuing army. If speech was used to bring forth water from the flint stone we would have internalized the lesson of the Recent Complex Creation that all mater exists and is managed by command of the Creator. Forced atomic reactions are not on the same level. Moses did not need to eat or drink for forty days and nights. The face of Moses shined with the light. The Clouds surrounded our camp glowed with light at night. Manna sustenance coincided with this light. The Cloud filled the sanctuary for hundreds of years then the Holy Temple. On Yom Kippur the appearance of the High Priest radiated from the light. The fire in Babel could not burn Daniel's friends. A single flask of oil filled containers (Kings II 4:2-6). On Chanukah a day measure of oil lasted 8 days. The enemies of Israel will be consumed by the light, while their equipment will provide fuel for 7 years. The Creator is without limits. There need never be any food or energy shortage. One atom contains the power to level a city. Hashem can direct the strands of energy composing the same atom to power, feed and water a city. Hashem please bless us with everything good during this redemption process. Erect David's Sukkah booth (Amos 9:11) A Sukkah represents the clouds of glory that appeared as fire at night. May we all merit the original light.

16) Conclusion:

Knowing how Hashem governs the universe does not diminish the miracles of Creation and the Exodus. Try and remain sensitive to the routine miracles of everyday life. Throughout history there have been virtuous masters of Torah to guide us past false theories. By not going head to head with secular biased science leaves a void filled by false and base views. An opinion based on false premises obscure mans purpose in life and special relation with the Creator. This increases destructive behavior. In the Book of Joshua the reproach of Mitzrayim was removed by mass circumcision. Our reproach will be removed when we direct our hearts to serve the Creator as instructed in Torah. Do now, understanding will follow with study. Hesitate and gamble with your fate. Only a restored Jewish Israel and Holy Temple enable the 613 Commandments complete performance. This will lead to the enduring open manifestation of The Creator, protection for the atmosphere, health, longevity, peace and prosperity. By that day the Creator and Sovereign of the universe will be acknowledged as One(Zechariah 14:9).

Should any point be in error it does not negate the overwhelming convergence of evidence 'real science ends up affirming the Torah'141 .

Dedicated to Joshua Pinchas Ben Teviah Velvel ZTL my brother a great person, Torah scholar, practitioner, and inspiration.

Thank you to my other family, teachers and friends. All the best to those who try their best, Roger M. Pearlman CTA


To comment memo: RMPCTA@aol.com Last edit June 17, '07 (1 Tammuz, 5767) 1st draft 5759.


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