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Pearlman CTA Welcome Message:

Roger M. Pearlman is now on extended sabbatical and is the dean at the:

Tehachapi Torah Center

and composer of the six RCCF principals, including the 'Pearlman Spiral' cosmolgy model.

RCCF = The Recent Complex Creation framework for understanding science in full context.

So for now CTA is for Cosmology, Theology, Actuality :)

Pearlman CTA Managed Futures programs may be a good choice in your attempt to build wealth, and or reduce overall portfolio risk.  
Qualified investors with long term risk capital that should consider a working relationship once service resumes:
Individuals, corporations, introducing brokers, money managers, investment advisors, and commodity pools.

Trust, endowment, sovereign wealth, pension, and hedge, funds.

Pearlman CTA Managed Futures Programs     Open Account

Under the right circumstances we could reinstate NFA membership and resume the suited, or initiate a new, program.


Keep in mind futures trading involves risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone.

See current CTA disclosure document before investing.




FCM and IB client choice. These, and many others, may be used:


ity, fixed income,

   sets to this managed futures 

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