Re: request for Rav Tendler torah/science reconciliation Hascamah
Dear Roger:   May Rav Tendler favor your important work with a hascamah, and may you bask in the Creation Rays of the  renewed Chamah this erev pesach,   Chag Samech, Isaac
..   THE ORIGIN OF SPEECHES: Intelligent Design in Language--  Edenic (Biblical Hebrew) as the original, pre-Babel human language program see our many resources at:   also see ..Proof that our Creator is at the tip of our tongues.  Isaac Mozeson


Subj: Burckle crater. 

Hi. Have just read the online RCC text and must say it (so far) to be
the best essay available on the issues. You may have updated
the amazon version(?) with the recently discovered 30km wide Burckle crater,
if not it may be worth adding as it seems the result of research points
at major impacts every millennium (at least). Also one may dwell over
the 'generations before Adam' and those 'previous worlds created' mentioned
in rabbinic literature. ..
Anyway- your text actually changed my world view from previous assumptions,
whether this  is  all correct or not does not matter, it's more a question of
an overall direction. Thanks and good luck further.
A... (...Norway).

RE: proposed science curriculum disclosure from kern kehilla, Pearlman CTA
From: Arnie Gotfryd, Ph.D.  

Wow! Now let's get in front of the Science Teachers Association of America with this message! -----Original Message-----
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Subject: proposed science curriculum disclosure from kern kehilla, Pearlman CTA
draft disclosure when teaching old universe curriculum. ..


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Chag kasher v'same'ach.

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Thank You Rabbi Cohen, What is status of Yeshiva U Chair? Please keep me posted of future sponsorship opportunities of your works. Happy Pessach to you, your family, and multitude of Talmidim. roger moses